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"Polska matura otwiera świat" (PMOS)
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Polish New Matura opens the world" (an acronym for "PMOS") is carried out by the 2nd Paweł Jasienica Independent High School - the best community-led school in Poland. The project involves 21 participants who will undergo methodological, language and leadership training in the UK. The School’s European Development Plan outlined the directions of its development, taking into account changes associated with the Polish accession to the EU. Our main goal is to increase the level of education through the development and application of modern methods and ways of teaching. The areas for improvement of school work are: • the introduction of bilingual education, according to the CLIL system (introduction of elements of methodology and didactics of teaching in a foreign language); • improvement of the methodological and pedagogical skills of our staff; • increasing teachers’ knowledge about the British educational system, school functioning and European educational standards; • building a European dimension to our school - acquiring partners for international cooperation, increasing the mobility of both teachers and students. Our goals result from the needs diagnosed earlier: 1. Increasing the skills and qualifications of teachers of English in order to introduce bilingual education, according to the CLIL system. Our teachers are familiar with English language on the communicative level. Hence the choice of various training propositions, mainly methodological. The school will strive to prepare the students for college – advise them on the choice of the universities and courses that would be most suitable for them. To enhance this it is crucial to work on the development of the capacities of teachers, because school’s performance depends on the quality of their work. 2. Acquiring knowledge about the latest developments in the field of European methodology. Teachers will learn about the European methods to increase motivation and develop students’ interests. 3. Growing potential for a successful preparation of students to study abroad. Teachers will learn how to help students learn the offer of foreign universities, write a Personal Statement, register with UCAS, write appropriate recommendations. 4. The purpose of the project is also the acquiring the knowledge of the British educational system, the day-to-day functioning British schools, European educational standards, so they can help the students in applying and prepare them mentally to study abroad. The 2SLO teachers will learn about the European standards of teaching, in order to modify their programs and methodology. 5. The aim of the project is to develop international cooperation. The school should make contacts with foreign universities and allow their representatives to present the universities to encourage students to engage in international projects. The staff will learn to organize and coordinate them, thanks to acquired language skills. Thanks to the project, the students of 2 SLO will be well prepared both for the application to foreign schools (especially British) and for their future study. They will learn about the requirements and expectations of foreign universities. The students will achieve a very good knowledge of the English language, including specialized vocabulary in the subjects of their interest. By increasing the level of foreign language among 2 SLO teachers, they will be better able to function in an international environment, establish contacts with foreign teachers, exchange experiences, enrich their teaching skills, initiate the implementation of joint research projects. The impact of the project will be very broad and it will be: Affecting various groups: students, schools, teachers, parents, authority conducting and local education authorities; Diverse range:, eg. provision of reports, statements or training materials; Nationwide: PMOS promotion of the project through a network of schools STO. Implementation of the European School Development Plan, will have a positive impact on the culture of the school, the internal integration of the teaching staff, the coherence of its action against the students and parents. Participation in Erasmus + will improve the image of the school in the local community and will be for teachers and students a ticket to the future, to a world in which everyone has a chance to succeed, even in an international environment, a world without barriers and restrictions.