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Polska edukacja plus europejska praktyka – początkiem kariery zawodowej
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The Project „Polish education plus European internship – the beginning of Professional Career” will be performed in The Complex of Vocational Schools in Rawicz for the two consecutive years (2015-2017). It covers Educational Mobility – the mobility of students and staff within professional education KA1, the execution of the internship for technical secondary school students. The internship will take place in German and Italian institutions chosen by our three partners. In the two consecutive years, there will be three groups of II and III year students. The first group consists of 10 students that are educated as nutrition and food service technicians, the second one consists of 10 logistics technicians and the third one involves 16 economist technicians. We started the cooperation with three foreign partners: -Vitalis Betreuungsgesellschaft für Modellprojekte mbH w Schkeuditz near Leipzig, Germany -WBS TRAINING AG In Dresden, Germany -YouNet in Bologna, Italy. The students will go for the internship: - Group I (nutition technicians and logistics technicians) – for 3 weeks to Germany, Vitalis, Ferbruary-March 2016 - Group II (economist technicians) for 2 weeks to Germany, WBS, May 2016 - Group III (economist technicians) for 2 weeks to Germany, WBS, December 2016 - Group IV (nutition technicians and logistics technicians) – for 3 weeks to Italy, YOUNET, March 2017 In the curriculum for technical secondary school, students serve the internship in different institutions, at different levels of education so that the project responds to the need of realization of such kind of internship. Its great advantage is that the students will take the training abroad, in different surrounding, in a country of different culture, language and customs. The students educated as nutrition and food service technicians and logistics technicians will serve 3-week internships in institutions chosen by Vitalis and YouNet and economist technicians will take 2-week internship in WBS TRAINING AG in two rounds. The main aims for every participant are: gaining some new professional skills, using practically the theoretical knowledge that they got at school, getting to know some modern, technological solutions that are used in every profession, increase mobility and some language skills through the everyday work in an international team. This is a multilevel project and it suits the needs of the participants. It involves vocational, language, cultural and social education. Before the departure, the students will get: - Support in form of cultural and pedagogical course - Support in form of language course - Material support in form of internship register, protective clothing, office materials, conversations and city maps. During the internship they will get not only public transport tickets but also full care and they will take part in cultural trips. The interns will go to Germany by bus and to Italy by plane. After the internship, every participant will get: Europass Mobility Certificate, a document of ECEVET, a certificate of undertaking the internship from the host organization which will confirm the acquisition of the professional skills, a certificate of graduating language course and a foreign internship from the head teacher of the School in Rawicz. The expected results of the Project: - acquiring the ability to work in an international team, - enhancing the job opportunities in the regional, national and international labour market, - prove the usefulness of the theoretical knowledge that the students acquired at the Polish school and the ability and creativity in performing various tasks in the realities of a foreign country - comparing the employee’s required qualifications in German and Italian companies with the Polish ones, - the ability to work in new environment - getting tolerance and intercultural sensitivity - improving language skills with the use of professional and colloquial vocabulary - creating some opportunities for the students to be attractive and wanted employees in the future - creating an opportunity for students to be competent and creative employees in the future Acquired experience will significantly influence personal development of the participants, their confidence and self-esteem will improve. Breaking cultural barriers will enhance the mobility of young Poles. It will enhance the mobility among students who do not take part in the project through disseminating positive impressions from the internship. By taking part in the project, the School in Rawicz increases the level of education, changes and entrench the image of pro-European school in local and regional environment, launch on the labour market a competent, mobile graduate. Teachers’ acquired experience will cause constant increase in the level of educating. All the activities have a long-term dimension.



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