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Pollution? Find Solution! - Youth Towards EcoChanges
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Pollution? Find solution! Youth towards Eco Changes" consisted of two exchanges. The first one took place 05-13.01.2016, and the second 13-21.02.2016 in Zakopane. Each activity was attended by 40 young people from 5 countries: Polish, Lithuania, Croatia, Italy and Romania. During the implementation of each of the exchanges of young people they have gained a lot of knowledge about the practices of protection środowiska.Podczas stay Zakopanem- place where despite the natural beauty, you may have already noticed human interference realize how big a problem today is contamination of nature. We wanted to raise environmental awareness especially among young people, because it depends on them like in a few years will look like our planet, we also wanted to share the acquired knowledge in their local communities and encouraged the actions of their peers. During the project we focused on informal methods of teaching, so we managed to avoid many formulas and focus on methods which we believe are the best in reaching young people. We conducted a lot of debates and discussions on topics related to environmental pollution, also touched on many times issues of public awareness, together we have developed methods that help us encourage other citizens to ensure that cared about the environment. Another aim was to find methods of sustainable development, namely to find the balance between economic development and concern for the environment and human health. We showed the youth that to implement good practices in the daily operation of the sweeping changes in the plan on or lifestyle are not necessary. Participants also gained knowledge about other cultures, increased their sense of belonging to the European community. Also they got rid of prejudices and harmful stereotypes in relation to other nationalities. We managed to achieve this primarily through work in international groups and the organization of cultural evenings. The project also invited young people with fewer opportunities, thus opposing the problem of social exclusion.

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