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Political Leadership in the European Union
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project focuses on holding a workshop on Political Leadership in the European Union (EU) ‘EULead’, a public event featuring former EU politicians, publishing the results in an academic journal and disseminating the knowledge through a policy brief and the media. The policy brief will be presented at a final dissemination event in Brussels.The EU faces difficulties in exercising political leadership, which has been noticed in popular press. Yet the issue hardly plays a role in scientific analyses. We aim at raising attention to the importance of the issue and generate new insights into its theoretical understanding.We aim to hold a workshop to prepare original articles for publication in a leading peer-reviewed international academic journal. We ask: How do individuals and institutions exercise political leadership in the EU? What are the institutional, situational or individual resources and constraints that enable or hamper the exercise of political leadership in the EU? To what extent can theories of political leadership in the context of national political systems be transferred to the European context? What elements of leadership theories are most suitable for a study of leadership in the EU?This project includes holding a scientific workshop concluded by a public session, an editors meeting, and a dissemination event. We seek to contribute to the scholarly debate on leadership in the EU, to contribute and inform the public debate about EU leadership, and to disseminate our findings to a policy community of practitioners, EU officials, the general public and to civil society. The papers will be available on a website. Our main outputs are a background paper, draft contributors papers, a workshop, a public event, an editors meeting to finalise the papers, final papers submitted to review, papers published in a special issue of a journal, a policy brief, dissemination event of this policy brief, engagement with new social media and traditional media.