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Polish - Hungarian environmental project
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Polish - Hungarian Environmental project was organized to rise environmental consciousness among young people coming from both nations. 40 teenagers aged 13-16 took part in this project - 20 from Poland and 20 from Hungary. They learnt social skills which are seldom recognized in formal education, for example: personal communication in foreign language with the same age colleagues. They shared everyday responsibilities while living at the same place for 6 days. All participants came from rural areas so thanks to exchange they were able to build up their self esteem, get confident, gain access to further education. Five adults took care of participants. They guided them through different activities, helped to solve problems and recognize their strong and weak sides. On each day of the project the participants learnt about environmental issues. By taking part in different workshops they learnt about renewable energy. After collecting rubbish they realized how important it is to keep the Earth clean, segregate waste and recycle. They got some scientific knowledge after taking part in school lessons. Performing experiments by themselves gave them the chance to see everything with their own eyes and remember their results better. During their visit to Cracow they noticed the effects of acid rain on building facades and monuments. In Modern Art Museum MOCAK they got some inspirations which were useful in craft workshops. Hands on exhibits in Museum of Municipal Engineering are the best way of learning things from natural environment. Visiting the Power Plant "?ar" in Por?bka expanded their knowledge about possibilities of accumulating electrical energy. Young people from Hungary had the opportunity to present their musical and dancing skills during presentation for local community. Everybody, who came to the meeting, had the chance to try Hungarian dishes. At the end of the project the Hungarians also recived Polish local products. All in all this project brought experience not only to participants but also by watching young people from different countries working together to our local community. The participants finished this project with additional knowledge which is certified by Youthpass document and it was described in details in local newspapers in Poland and Hungary and on the Internet. Young people are noticable through their actions, they expand connections and gain experience. Their parents are glad that their children spend time creativelly, making friends and gaining new competences. Young people who initiate actions by themselves will be excellent workers in the future and extended knowledge of English will help them to find good jobs internationally.



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