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Poligon Kultury
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"Poligon Kultury" project offers volunteers from three different european countries participation in everyday activities of MGOK Kalisz Pomorski. Volunteers invited by us will have many possibilities to develop their skills in the culture-animation projects, assisting in the painting, dance, theater, fire theatre, crafts - both traditional and contemporary (pottery, ceramics, lace), African drums, Zumba fitness, computer, internet, readings books together, early childhood education, music, new media activities and others. They will have the opportunity to participate in the intercultural dialogue, cultural heritage, oral history and other projects. Those of them who are interested in journalism will work for our local monthly magazine ‘Wirówka’ and our website (on Our volunteers will also have the opportunity to work in the organization of various artistic events, such as concerts, spectacles, vernissages, various charitable activities (such as Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity for instance). Volunteers will also have opportunities to get to know organizational and technical aspects of our work like: data collection, providing information about our activities, graphic, visual and audiovisual works, acoustic and lighting systems etc As MGOK Kalisz Pomorski cooperates with schools in the municipality, our volunteers will be welcome to visits frequently schools and present to the pupils their culture, their country and their own talents. The range of proposed activities is large, but we would like oncoming volunteers to have the opportunity to bring their own ideas and proposals for work. Supporting volunteers in their personal development, by enable them to realize their creative, artistic and social passions. Volunteers will learn to diagnosis social needs, build strategy of personal development. Will develop skills of building social relations. Expected results of the project will be important for personal development & satisfaction of volunteers. They will influence tutorials organized by MGOK Kalisz Pomorski and increase a numbers of cultural activities held as well as a number of participants. Special attention will be paid to Youthpass as a tool for personal development of volunteers.



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