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PolCzech culture
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project idea appeared among youth and leaders from both organizations who discovered during their discussion a lack of the knowledge of the local traditions although Polish and Czech people in this region live so close to each other. It opened a big space for cooperation and creative work and improved atmosphere between citiziens close to the border. The most effective way how to bring a new ideas to youth is to teach their leaders about it. After that leaders can spread the knowledge in their groups of youth. This is why we have decided to organize seminar for youth workers and then youth exchange. It gave possiblity to not only share the results of the learning with youth but also with whole community. Both project´s activities were concentrated on topic of traditions, art and culture in cross boarder region. Some parts of programme were dedicated to Christmas traditions. Youth leaders and youth overcomed stereotypes about second nation, explored their own herritage and herritage of neighbours, learned traditional art techniques. They had also chance to find out similarities and differences in tradtions by creating common calendar of traditional celebrations. It supported better understanding of people living in this region. Youth leaders had also possibility to work together on methodes how to involve young people in topic of cultural heritage, later on they tried it in practice in their work. Some of the results of the project were presented on winter exhibition for public in the public place. The calendar of traditional celebrations caused bigger interest of Poles and Czechs in each others traditions, inspire people to take part in traditional celebrations and to celebrate some of them together. The project also inspired organizations for further work in field of cultural heritage and Polish - Czech cooperation.



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