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Polak, Węgier - młodzi aktywni i z potencjałem
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Pole, Hungarian project – young, active and with potential - is the project realized by two partner Communes: Tarłów from Poland and Jaszarokszallas from Hungary. The target group of the project is 50 young people at the age from 13 to 18 from Tarłów and Jaszarokszallas. This people are focused in youth organizations like ‘Integrating Club in Tarłów’ and ‘SZECHENYI GYERMEK SZERVEZET’ from Hungary. This project is the answer for youth needs like: - mutual exchange of experiences in order to enhance the social activity of young people from both countries, - the increase of youth participation in activities for their villages, - increasing of the amount of co-operation in rural schools with groups of young people, particularly in Hungary, - creating new and improving the quality of already existing initiatives of young people to their regions resulting from the experience acquired in the exchange of experiences with other groups, while getting knowledge of their country. The aim of the exchange project is: - drawing attention to the need of face-to-face contact, in order to develop a sense of solidarity and strengthen the cohesion between people, - mobilization of young people to take action in their local communities so that we can promote active citizenship among young people, - awareness of young people, that by having interest in the project, they will understand that learning depends 100% on them, that their approach and attitude to the project will determine whether they acquire the amount of knowledge and new skills, that learning is not only a tangible technical skill, but also open-mindedness, reflection and tolerance, - promoting tolerance among young people, - strengthening the capacity of young people, as well as establishing cooperation at European level in order to implement interesting projects contributing to the development of youth, - showing young people that they can analyze serious issues taking place in European society as well as contribute to change for the better and to the introduction of innovative solutions, - using variety of working methods during the project, which aim is to introduce respect for individual needs and abilities of participants, - the inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities to the project in order to show them that they are also valuable in the process of building an open, tolerant and active Europe, - building European citizenship. All the tasks in the project will be focused on the education of young people so that participants could learn about lifestyle habits and everyday lives of their peers. The residency program is very diverse, and the individual points give a chance to young people to work together. There are also moments in it that are extremely difficult for young people, such as a visit to the monument of Hungarian soldiers who died on Polish soil during World War II, which is a kind of a place for Hungarians memory. But there are also moments of the common joy, for example, learning traditional songs and dances, games, making bonfires, organizing parties etc. The program also includes elements where young people play a very important role of representatives, not only of their cities, but also nations. There are also official meetings, for example, with the city authorities as well as with the invited guests. The reason for the project is the desire of young people to become actively involved in the Polish – Hungarian cooperation. Young people with their attitudes want to draw attention of the local government to their own needs, the desire of cooperation, integration with their peers from other countries, the increase of knowledge about other countries, learning tolerance for other people and getting knowledge of their everyday life that is often so different from life in Tarłów. Young people want to develop, they want to learn new things, acquire new skills, which in the future may prove to be crucial for them in choosing their own path in life. One of the goals of the project is to increase knowledge about everyday life and its habits, to develop team skills, organizational skills the ability to acquire information, its selection and replacement and programming the ability of knowledge acquisition.



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