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Poklady středozemní kuchyně na Kypru
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our partner of the project is TECHNIKI SCHOLI LEFKOSIAS 2 from Nicosia, Cyprus, the sending organisation is Secondary School of Business and Administration, Olomouc. This project was founded by support of both organisations after many years of cooperation. The project was meant to be for 14 pupils – cooks and waiters who were working in workplacement of accepting organisation. Chosen place was hotel Aqua Sol – hotel Sun Hall. The target of the project was to obtain some working experiences abroad, pupils prepared healthy food from Mediterranean cuisine and they used their recipes in vocational training during their lessons. The project was focused on learning technological ways , pupils learnt new recipes, herbs and spices, which are not used in our traditional cuisine. They knew new kind of cheese and they learnt how to prepare it and also its heat treatment. Cooks prepared traditional Greek dishes – musaka and stifado, they learnt to gut fish and seafood. The waiters served customers in foreign language environment, where there were huge expectations for them to communicate with guests, they took part in preparing festive food during Cyprus weddings, celebrations and birthdays parties, which are specificaly full of people. They learnt how to mix drinks from local alcoholic drinks and how to prepare traditional dessert lava-lava. All working activities were carefully planned, the project was based on ECVET system – all students had to fulfill 5 units. These units were prepared seperately for cooks and waiters. We prepared document for each student, in this document we can find description of units, evaluation criterias, results of fulfillment, personal details of student. Students were evaluated by points and after the points were changed into marks and these marks were be a part of students´ evaluation of the 1st term 2015/16 in practical training and in the vocational subjects. Other activities were also arranged (excursions to Limassol, visit partner school in Nicosia where participants met Cyprus students, teachers and management, sports and cultural activities). We chose participants of the 2nd and 3rd form, we chose students who wanted to learn something new, know other country with different culture, meet people with different mentality and of course students with good study results at school, especially in vocational training. In the group there were boys and girls at the age from 16 to 20. One of the project´s focus was increasing students´ knowledge, competences, gaining practical working experiences abroad, we also expected their better knowledge of English. We also hope that participants can easily find a job. Our project was in accordance with the aims and requirements named above. It tried to minimize weaknesses of our school – frequent fluctuation of students, students also have got problems with school attendance and some of them quite often finish their study and go to another school or they go to job center and they cannot find a job because they have got just primary education. The intership also supported personal development, we think that this part is very important – it was focused on moral and ethic value, in increasing personal competences of students – communicating, asertive behaviour, adaptability, students learnt how to be tolerant to other people. Added value was spreading their cultural awarenesses, they knew different country with its different culture and habits. We also expect higher interest of our school – in one part of dissemination we were focusing on potencional students of our school and their parents. We also showed project´s results in Scholaris – it is a meeting of seconadary schools for parents and pupils of basic school to choose the best secondary school. We started to work on the project in autumn 2014 when we started to communicate with partner school about the conditions of the intership, working activities and we decided to plan the project for 1 year. We have got very good experineces with our accepting organisation, we have cooperated with the teachers and management for a long time and the cooperation is on high level. We are very glad that we needn´t use any intermediatory organisation. The principal and thr coordinator of Erasmus + projects are very kind and hepflul, we know that we can rely on them in everything even in unpredictable situations, they both are satisfied with realization of projects. Also Regional Department of Olomouc region supports these activitivities which enrich all. Teachers, school management, students and their parents, also our school partners find positive effect of the intership not only in climate of school but mainly in effective ways of learning by informal way when students can join pleasant with useful.



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