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Podpora a uznávanie neformálneho a informálneho vzdelávania
Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Promoting and adapting non-formal and informal learning Contents of the projectSince the beginning of the 21st century, formal school education proved not to be sufficient for the future professionals: most of what is needed for the future profession is learned in non-formal way (practical training, foreign mobility, workshops and seminars) and informal way, by observing the more experienced in the countries with advanced tourism. Having been abroad, learners acquire new skills and improve the quality of education in our school as well. The project is aimed at the Hotel Academy students in the third year of their studies. Our host partners provide the internship ( practical training, seminars, workshops, culture activities) in Italy and Spain. The aim of this cooperation is the involvement of the students in the innovative processes of the practical training and professional courses: they are expected to organize Days of Italian and Spanish Cuisine, they are going to be assistants hosted by the vocational subject teachers in some classes, they will make a Recipe book of Spanish and Italian Cuisine, which will later serve as the original teaching aid in the subjects as International Gastronomy and Technology of Food Preparation.Aims and sustainability of the project:- the qualitative improvement of the practical training,- promoting non-formal and informal learning,- innovation of the school educational program,- European dimension in education,- certificates,- increased competitiveness of graduates in the labour market,- professional skills development,- gaining confidence, autonomy,- acquiring meta- cognitive skills needed for lifelong learning,- using ECVET.Number of participants: 24



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