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Date du début: 1 déc. 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The partners of the project (Skills Agricultural Skills Association TUR - Poland, Deule-Nienburg GmbH - Germany, EFA La Malvesia- Spain) have huge experience in implementing Erasmus + projects as part of KA1. These organizations have been acting as sending institutions, but also as host institutions for internships of students of agricultural schools . Those partners, who organize the obligatory trainings in occupational health and safety regulations, noticed some differences in the content and methods of trainings. It’s been an inspiration to exchange experiences and make some recommendations in order to unify the system and the training program within the project: "We raise the work safety in agriculture through exchange our training experiences". All partners have many years of experiences in the education of students in the agricultural sector in countries with a high degree of agricultural development (Germany, Spain, Poland), where despite many trainings, every year there are nearly 30,000 accidents during work, which in the overall scale of all accidents at work shows that every fourth accident happens in agricultural area and approx. 60 reason of accidents are caused by human behavior. It emphasizes the importance of our project and makes it even more socially useful.This is why, exchange of experiences, comparison of training programs and the modifications of the training programs conducted in the partners’ countries are the main goals of our project. The goal of the project is to develop some recommendations to modify our programs and training methods in the area of occupational health and safety regulations. Project will be realized by members of the project teams, staff of the training institutions, who are responsible for the implementation of the trainings, program and evaluation. Each organization will select 3 people, who will take part in the occupational safety and health training in agriculture according to the current programs; They will also participate in the elaboration of partial recommendations prepared after each of the three courses (one training in each partner). At the same time as members of the project team they will first make a comparative analysis of training programs of each partner institution.The safeness has been always an important aspect for each partner organization of the trainings and tutorials, which are implemented as an obligatory section, however, safeness has never been the subject of common work, nor analysis nor comparison nor mutual learning; while this is all part of our project, as part of a short-term trainings in the project partners. Within the project, each team will prepare training program in the area of occupational health and safety regulations; will analyze the effectiveness of the implemented training program in relation to the injuries and accidents that have happened to the students / young people during ongoing workshops. It will also be the subject of discussions during the project-related meeting in the partner’s country.Next there will begin the a series of trainings (in Germany, Spain and Poland), during which participants will get to know the contents, methods and teaching aids which were used during the training on occupational safety and health regulations in agriculture. They will develop recommendations and implement appropriate modifications. The project results will be very useful for each of the project partners during the training of the next group within the ERASMUS + program, action KA1. At the same time, participants will disseminate the results of internships on farms and in enterprises where these internships will take place.The implemented results will be used during other trainings offered to the farmers. During this kind of trainings we always have to deal with the occupational safety and health regulations . Due to the extensive contacts of partners organizations with agricultural schools, the results of our project will be introduced as recommendations to their training programs in the area of occupational safety and health regulations, in order to better prepare personnel on the European labour market.



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