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Подари усмивка
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 12 déc. 2014 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Give a smile" is a project proposal with the idea of young people with special needs members and active participants in the activities of the association "Wings of light» Smolyan. The project is a bilateral youth exchange between Bulgaria and Tyrkey. Its main goal is to create conditions for social equality, integration of young people from different ethnic groups with special needs and social adaptation and career development. To achieve the project objectives will be achieved intercultural creative activities - production of traditional souvenirs - symbols of their culture or ethnic group to which they belong, handmade tiles and wool yarn, handmade accessories and Quilling art. Through these activities participants will develop their transferable skills - the skills of teamwork, effective communication skills, ability to self-promotion, self-expression, self-assertion, and others., Which are fundamental, both for their integration into society and their professional development. Through discussions and lectures in the program of the project will go along the path of success to create confidence and facilitate the process of job search. Final product of joint efforts will be to create leadership "Gave a smile". It will be produced by young people themselves in the process of project activities. It will contain questions, problems, suggestions and guidelines that will enrich self-awareness, self-assertion and create a personal development plan. All this will be the result of the best and useful suggestions of the participants 'born' in the course of the project activities. Furthermore, the project will focus on discussion and counseling in career development and enrichment and the development of transferable skills. The main concept of the project is through the methods of self-knowledge, art and culture to young people gain more confidence in their abilities to be more positive, to believe in the realization of your creative ideas that will help them find their place in society and a career. Through self-expression, creativity, and self sebepoznaniya will encourage their greater participation in public life and activities that will help higher their motivation and adaptation to the labor market. The actual ten-day exchange activities will be divided into three stages. The first step would be for individual creative work that expresses the identity of the ethnicity of each participant. The second stage will be for creative activities in a team that will dominate for achieving the project goal. Stage III - discussion. Series of discussions in which participants will have the opportunity to share their views and recommendations to address the problems associated with youth unemployment, immigration, social equality and the realization after completion of education or lack of it. Implementation, project activities participants will develop their creativity. You will learn to work in teams, communicate effectively, and most importantly, to adopt and promote better thinking and ideas of others. Joint activities will provoke participants build a more tolerant and solidarity towards people of different cultures and opportunities. Objects of art will be arranged in the exhibition titled "Give a smile", which will be donated to the library "Ivan Vazov" Smolyan. The activity will involve 42 people (38 participans and 4 leaders) - young people with special needs from different ethnic groups and their peers. We intend to implement the program in Smolyan Hotel "Ribkata" between 15 to 26 August 2014.



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