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PoD Professional training of parents of syndrome down children
Date du début: 1 oct. 2007,

Down Syndrome is probably the general population’s most well known genetic disorder with neurologicalinvolvement. This fact, beneficial because of awareness of the problem, also means that there are some wellestablished and hard- to-break prejudices.One of society’s most clearly established prejudices is the idea that opportunities for people with Down Syndrometo change and learn are extremely limited. Numerous studies have shown that early stimulation helps improve thechild’s intellectual capabilities, along with being included in the educational environment.The purpose of the multi-lateral project for innovational development called Professional Training for Parents ofChildren with Down Syndrome (PoD), is to design, develop and implement a new training tool with digital support(DVD) for family members and volunteers that will help stimulate and educate people with Down Syndromethroughout their lives.With the creation of this new tool we can contribute a useful instrument for professionals in different areas involvedin the support and guidance for families of persons with Down Syndrome from different participating countries inorder to unify interventional criteria. The goal is to improve the quality of life of this community and achievemaximum autonomy.Beneficiaries of this tool will be specialists and public and private institutions involved with educating persons withDown Syndrome (specialists and health, educational and social facilities) and family members of persons withDown Syndrome. Improved professionalism of people who care for and work with Down Syndrome persons willhave a direct influence on improving the quality of life of Down Syndrome individuals



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