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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is aimed at the third form technical school students with specializations such as electricity technician, electronics technician, mechatronics technician and IT technician who are attending a monthly compulsory professional training in their course of education. The project figures on sending four trainee groups (10 people each) to Germany, to Braunschweig and Mainz in two periods of time during one school year – the first group to Mainz in autumn, the second group to Braunschweig in spring. The project will be realized during the school year 2015/2016 and 2016/2017 till May as a monthly compulsory professional training in close cooperation with our foreign partners whose technical facilities and contacts will enable our students to gain education at the highest European level. The main aims of the project are the following: - upgrading professional skills by joining both theoretical and practical knowledge with professional training with the support of our foreign partners having a huge experience in the field of vocational education. - the complement of education in the field of programming the microcontrollers and programmable logic controllers used in industry on the basis of automotive assembly line model, getting acquainted with the safety and technical European rules and regulations. - accomplishing a qualifying course enabling to work professionally at the German job market (VDE-Lehrgang) and a course ending with CISCO exam (in PTB). - getting acquainted with the functioning of big German companies as far as the participants’ market operations, setting up and running businesses are concerned which encourages to professional activity. - the geographical and professional mobility will enable the participants to face the problems of unemployment and the growing technical requirements of their future employers and economy both in the booming and poor regions of the country and Europe. - upgrading and improving language skills by involving in intensive professional language learning. - presenting the trainees a different way of teaching and making them aware of the necessity of broadening their skills and qualifications in the fields of electricity, electronics and automatics to fulfill modern economical and technical challenges. - international cooperation of professional training institutions and organizations in order to raise the quality of teaching by involving schools, companies and research institutes, mobility of people at the national and European job market. - making personal relationship to challenge cultural stereotypes, prevent prejudices and increase European integrity. Good examples of international cooperation and involvement promote social activity and enlarge taking up new initiatives. This kind of professional training complements the course of education and makes it easier for the students to choose their future specialization, a course of study and the way of professional development. Vanessa Radio is responsible for the media patronage of the project. Interviews with the participants will be broadcasted. Special emphasis is put on improving language skills and developing international partnership by means of direct communication and tasks performed on MOODLE. Stay in Braunschweig and Mainz. The partnership group consists of HBS and BBS1, PTB institute and their business companies. The project reflects the needs of local companies presented during the discussion on Human Capital project (2010-11). Expected results (skills and qualifications achieved) fulfill the needs of employers at local and national job market. The activities taken up by ZSM were estimated as useful and beneficial.



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