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Po co wyważać otwarte drzwi? Znajomość angielskiego kluczem do rozwoju
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project ”Why to preach to the converted? Knowledge of English – the key to development” will be carried out in Junior High School in Marklowice. The school is situated in such an area where both educational and cultural aspects are equally important. Our village lacks a community centre, our students’ parents mainly work in industrial factories (among others a coalmine). However, shortly they will be forced to change their professions. This community, which preserves mining traditions, needs opening a window to the bigger world. So our students could see their future not only in the professions practised by their parents. The development of teachers’ level of competence and their openness towards international cooperation will make the school more attractive. Education will be perceived not as an unpleasant duty but a chance for development. Firstly, participation in various methodological courses will improve the level of competence of all foreign language teachers. Secondly, the communication skills of the headmaster, the secretary, the counsellor, the director of youth club, Music teacher, History teacher (she also specializes in training teachers) undoubtedly will be mastered. Malta was chosen for the place to take part in different courses due to the fact that it is a former British colony and also the official language there is English. These make it a perfect place to upgrade the communication skills in English. Moreover, there are schools which offer courses of high standards, combining participants of mixed nationalities. The applicants will be assigned to groups according to their level of English competence after taking placement tests. The training course will be also run there as one of the schools in Malta offers a course which is within the funds, what is not so common, bearing in mind training courses. What is more, combining this course with the English course (C1) will improve both level of English competence and training skills. The pre-registration has already been completed. All language teachers (5 people) will participate in these courses, the managing staff (2 people), the director of youth club, the counsellor, who is also a methodological adviser, the Music teacher, the History teacher who is also a trainer on a national level. These courses will improve methodological skills of language teachers, enhance the level of English of those who use the language in their work (making the lessons more attractive, sharing their knowledge and experience with other teachers, carrying out other international projects). The cooperation with the partner organisation from Italy will enable gaining international experiences (teaching assignments), sharing experiences in working with trouble making students (job shadowing). The partner organization from Lithuania will allow the Music teacher (the applicant) to conduct lessons together with the partner school what will enrich the teaching and stimulate creativity (teaching assignment). Taking part in the courses will also allow the director of youth club to observe various activities, aimed at promoting healthy living, done by the partner school (job shadowing). Carrying out the project will widen the group of teachers who are at a high level of English competence and broaden the methodological skills as well. It will also allow the teachers (applicants) to work together and share experiences gained during the international exchanges. Long-term outcomes are as follows: widening the opportunity for participation in Erasmus+ KA2 as not only language teachers will be involved in the courses. The school will be perceived as the institution employing a well-educated staff open to Europe and new experiences.



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