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Plural identities: How to deepen the perception of culture through international youth work
Date du début: 1 août 2009,

Intercultural learning has been the objective target of international youth work since more than two decades. The aims of international youth encounters are often deflned as providing young people the opportunity to get to know other countries, societies and cultures. By doing so the participant will be given the chance to learn about the "other", to question and to reduce stereotypes and to learn about himself/ herself. Yet the concept of intercultural learning often applies to the idea of one homogenie national culture, not considering the plurality and diversity of each country.In the training course "Plural identities: How to deepen the perception of culture through international youth work" we aim at providing a fresh outlook on the mixity of modern European societies, looking at the multiple influences they are subject to, while exploring ways of introducing the concept of multiple influences and identities at all levels into the international youth work. A part of the training will be dedicated to presenting, discussing, exchanging and developing tools and methods for anti-discrimination, anti-bias education and social inclusion. At the same time the training will present the concept of cultural diversity and intercultural dialogue as defined by UNESCO and the relevant European texts of reference such as the Council of Europe's Whitebook. The methods will be based on self reflection and case studies as a starting point In order to render the theoretic discussions relevant and usable for the concrete context the participants are experiencing. The programme will be based on interactive and participative methods.The anticipated outcomes of the training course are to devise practices of how international youth work can contribute to the challenges related to the plural life style of each individual in a diverse society, opening the eyes of the youngsters for the diversity and plurality, but also the discrimination and social exclusion existing within their own country. The goal is to provide a platform for youngsters from different backgrounds to find out more about diversity, to affect a general sensibility, respect, responsibility for fighting against discrimination, understanding among the people and to foster awareness of the added positive value of cultural diversity. Furthermore we want to focus on how to contribute to the social inclusion of disadvantaged groups in our societies through international youth work.



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