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Playground Europe Creating and performing an adaptable game with Apps to connect the curricula of different countries
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Playground Europe Creating and performing an adaptable game with Apps to connect the curricula of different countries For most of our students Europe will be the place where they will arrange their lives. Their future is closely connected to the prosperity of the European Union. On the other hand Europe relies on well qualified and active citizens who are ready to work for the 21st century. Our project aims at the students' competences to succeed in being an active and qualified citizen for the 12st century. The project fosters: - the ability to communicate in mother tongue and foreign languages - the readiness to cooperate locally and internationally - creativity & entrepreneurship - problem solving capacity - openness for new technologies - willingness for lifelong learning In our project we will develop games that combine a classical board game with a smartphone app. The board (the playground) will be a big map of Europe. In this map QR-codes or NFC tags can be placed. When you have installed the game's app you can move to the tags or read the QR code and an information sheet, a task, a picture, a speech a questionaire or combination appears on your phone. The game will be adaptable in many ways. For instance you can use it as - an information board where you can call information about different schools in Europe - a sort of adventure game. You must find treasures, solve riddles, answer questions to get energy for your flight to the next town - learning game that offers information and tasks from different subjects. All the information can easily be changed, QR codes can be altered or added, NFC tags connected to other topics and a lot of different activities can be combined with the same board. For us, a group of five schools from Italy, Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and Germany, the project is a possibility to introduce a new methodology to the teaching/learning process and to prove a new technology for its usage in the classroom. The international context will enhance the diversity of ideas and offers the oppertunity to invent, to test and to upgrade the game and the apps on different levels. Each year about 100 students will form the main project team. They will start their work locally and first of all learn how to program first apps . Beside this they will start to collect information about inventors. After the first two terms 30 representatives from all participating countries will meet to create the game and its rules, program a first set of easy apps with texts and questionaires about inventors from different countries and prepare the playground. After the meeting they finsh the work locally. Beside the project group we form another group of about 50 students from Germany and Spain who learn each others language. We call them the language team. They will meet after the third term to test the game, translate the rules and give feedback. On a last meeting at the end of the year the project team meets again to finalize the games and the apps. In the second project year we will work with new groups of students . In this year we will produce more complex apps that include media like pictures, speech, videos , develop alternative games and new sets of apps. At the end of the project we will have - a "playground" in each school with several sets of apps that can be used in lessons. - pre-prepared apps that can be used to add own contents to the game, - experiences and worksheets about using apps, QR codes and NFC tags in a teaching environment - students and teachers who have learned to configure new technology - students who have creatively worked in international surroundings



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