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PLAY in the street! Political listen assemblies of youth in the street
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Young people are essential to the construction of Europe, now and in the future. They are who have to be involved in building a more just and egalitarian Europe, more mindful of the needs of all its citizens, especially of those who face greater obstacles.However, the involvement of youth in decision-making processes can not be imposed or limited by traditional channels of participation that have already proven to be incapable of effectively promoting the active citizenship of them.Let's stop putting a suit and tie to youth! Let's start bring politics to young people!From Fundación Viento del Pueblo we believe that politics should approach the young people and not vice versa. Politics must find the matching points with the interests of youth and mechanisms should be created to make their voice heard and have a real impact on municipal politics of the city of Valencia.For this, our organization proposes to create a meeting where political actors leave their comfort spaces (Town Hall Plenary, meetings, openings ...) and go down to the street to meet youth in their spaces and environments. A 5-day meeting held in the different streets of Benicalap (in Valencia) where young people meet with local political authorities, council of Valencia, politicians of various kinds and show them their ability not only to express and propose its politics proposals, but to show that youth is able to manage its resources and implement politics that matter to them.During the five days over 2221 km2 will be prepared for debate and meetings where more than 100 young persons converse with over 20 political authorities and representatives of political parties. It will be created places where express themselves freely and make a pilot test participatory budgets. All in the midst of an attractive environment for young people where in each corner or square cultural activities, storytelling, concerts, performances, workshops, presentations of young creations (books, exhibitions ...), banners on every street or square and seminars developing with political overtones promoted and managed by young people themselves with the help of a neighborhood devoted to this project and decorated for the occasion.At the end of this great meeting all proposed youth projects, the findings of the various acts and agreements reached with the political actors to create will be collected:- A status and proposals report for the Benicalap district to be presented to the municipal council of Valencia in order to ratify the agreed initiatives.- GUIDELINES FOR A NEIGHBORHOOD FOR EVERYONE. A commercial level guide where include the results of the project, explaining the initiatives carried out by young entrepreneurs in order to promote and publicize their employability. It will also include a protocol to facilitate replication projects in other cities of Europe incorporating information for funding and Erasmus Plus Program.Let's lift up the politicians from their seats and sit them on the hard asphalt for discuss with young people what really interests us. Let's demonstrate that if we get the chance we are able to decide where to spend budgets and are able to build the place where we want to live.An encounter that can provide a high-impact results and a media event is presented, as it will provide the young participants some skills and confidence to believe that they can change things. Furthermore it will provide a useful pilot for municipal political authorities, who have expressed their interest to implement participatory budgeting, and management skills that young people have if they intend to.Finally this meeting will create an intergenerational dialogue between the residents of the neighborhood and youth, strengthening bonds and creating communication mechanisms that enable them to act together in the future in the neighborhood.The meeting will be open and very active, making young people, neighbors, media, political actors, neighborhood associations multipliers that enhance their visibility and dissemination of results that can be replicated in other districts or municipalities.The end of this projects is not fixed, it will be the starting signal for the district of Benicalap change its own structure, creating bonds among all its neighbors (regardless of nationality, age, gender identity ...) and implementing new projects to provide life to the neighborhood and self-management capacity.