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Platform for the implementation of NAIADES (PLATINA II) (PLATINA II)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

PLATINA II is a Coordination Action aimed at the implementation of the NAIADES Action Areas. PLATINA II builds on the results of the FP7 project PLATINA (2008-2012) and is in line with the NAIADES action programme. It aims at bringing together key stakeholders in order to ensure a solid, multidisciplinary knowledge basis for the implementation of NAIADES actions. PLATINA II will, in close cooperation with the European Commission, set up a roadmap for the implementation of actions not yet started and support permanent-type actions.WP1 (MARKETS & AWARENESS) will identify and attract new markets for inland waterway transport and stimulate multimodal supply chain integration as well as synergistic actions between operators.WP2 (INNOVATION & FLEET) will define measures to stimulate innovation take-up and greening of the fleet, undertake technology forecasts, enhance the knowledge basis on external cost performance and consolidate research and innovation needs.WP3 (JOBS & SKILLS) will facilitate the development of standards for simulators and electronic service record books and raise the impact of inland waterway transport in logistics education and training by improving learning material.WP4 (INFRASTRUCTURE) will identify ways to close the data gaps on IWT infrastructure in Europe, provide tools for the integration of IWT into multimodal European corridors, monitor and support the implementation of River Information Services and identify future logistics applications as well as facilitate the exchange of good practices on efficient and effective inland waterway maintenance.WP5 (TECHNICAL SECRETARIAT) is the focal point for project management, dissemination and networking of external stakeholders through a structured NAIADES dialogue.The PLATINA II consortium has ensured the active participation of key industrial stakeholders, Member States, associations and river commissions. PLATINA II will further strengthen the coordination between national, European and industrial research and serve as an exchange, discussion and promotion platform on NAIADES. In line with the White Paper on Transport PLATINA II will contribute to a stronger market position and environmental performance of inland navigation.



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