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Platform for Common Framework for EU funded Projects

The project is addressing the needs of people creating and managing EU fundedprojects. The project partners are educational organisations dealing primarily witheducational needs of these project managers coming from all sectors and at the sametime act as applicants and partners in EU funded projects. The project sets out toimprove the skills of those providing courses and those who are applicants in EU fundedprogrammes and want to improve their skills in this area.The objective of the project is to improve conditions for increasing quality of education ofmanagers of EU funded projects by unification of competences and educationalstandards in the EU. This is going to be achieved through a complex research of needswith all the involved stakeholders - those who create and manage EU funded projects,educational institutions in this field and donor institutions distributing funds within EUfunded programmes. Subsequently key competences for people creating and managingEU funded projects will be drafted and based on this, curricula for educational courseswill be created. At the end of the project a network of educational institutions applyingthese standards in practice and aiming for further exploitation and accreditation from allMember States will be initiated.



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