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Date du début: 1 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main objective of this project is to foster the exchange of students who are carrying out their internship among centres of Vocational Traning of the European Union from the hand of the centres of Vocational Training and the institutions taking part in them. We are in a position to claim that these kind of mobilities lead perfectly well those which are developed by intermediary companies or the ones with direct access through the companies themselves. In february 2015 ,a group of teachers from CIPFP La Costera set out to develop a website based on the professional training aimed at fostering experiences of exchange with students from professional training.This ambitious proposal needs to be carried out through the international cooperation with other centres of Vocational Training and with other educative entities from the area. Therefore, this KA 2 pretends to give a transnational boost to the platform, adapting to the real situation in other countries , improving some of the resources and above all spreading it out at European level. In order to do that, we rely on equivalent centres such as Liceo Barthélémy Thimonnier/ AFP Astgiane and other centres around the area suach as Colleges Wales and the Conselleria d´Educació, as well as Bankia. We have set out a previous plan of communication because we consider that this one is necessary to carry out the project with a schedule , and moreover it will facilitate to solve problems in front of other possible contingencies. For the coordination of the project , there will be required two transnational meetings , one at the beginning and another at the end of the Association KA2. Each partner has considered a considearble quantity of centres which could be integrated in the website at the end of July 2017. The final quantity is 47 Regarding the budgetary control CIPFP La Costera will develop several ways of financial management from the beginning of the activities of the project , and they will be shared by the partners. To the same extent, a plan was also set out in front of the unexpected possible contingencies such as disagreements among partners or the impossibility of carrying on with it because of any member. At the begining of the activities of this project, an individual contract will be signed between the coordinator of the project and each member , where the assignation of the tasks and financial resources are clearly based , this should decrease the possibility of conflicts even more. The activities to be carried out are the following ones:• To carry out proposals for the design of the web.• To translate the webpage into the language of the country.• To arrange meetings of diffusion among local centres.• To carry out publicity campaigns.• The follow-up and analysis of the diffusion within their countries.Among the expectations , there will a boost among not only regarding the partner organisations but also the formative centres of the countries involved. This web pretends to give a European dimension to the internship of the professional formation.It was born into the idea of connecting the centres of different european countries to foster the cooperation. The addressee collective will be the centres of Professional Training and within them the person responsible for the European Programmes . In fact , the activities of diffusionwill be addressed to these kind of centres. Our main target are the intermediaries together with the target beneficiaries , those are , the students of the centres and the companies of the places in which the centre is located.For the diffusion of the project , we rely on the highly valued hosts which will be of great importance in the process of spreading to the centres. To carry it out, we are going to use three ways of diffusion ( Meetings with local centres/ The use of social networkings, the position in the website and the presentation regarding local level/ the channels of diffusion which already exist in Bankia, Colleges Wales and the Conselleria d'Educació. To claim the impact of the repercusion , there will be created an embassador of the web in each country. We mean that each host country will have a centre of reference which will have the following functions of divulging, encouraging and explaining the web to other centres.The sustainability is one of the key aspects to be taken into account. This will be an issue to be dealt with in the transnational meeting which will tackle the measures to be taken to guarantee the stability of the web.



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