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Plasament pentru un invatamant economic modern - conditie de acces pe piata muncii europene
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "Placement for a modern economic learning - condition for access to the European working market" was conceived from the need to offer our students the possibility of professional training in line with working market needs, European standards specific to an average level of qualification of the economic activities. The project is required to be implemented by our school, taking into account the conditions in which during practical training in local economic agents with whom we have agreements, our students perform at many operations of receipt of goods, labeling, sale or cleaning without the opportunity to acquire skills and abilities specific to the job .The participants are 45 students (nearly half from families with a low living standard, 45% having scholarships for further study), 30 students from the Xth class, the general training Services, with the completion of high school studies qualification Technician in economic activities and 15 students from the XIth class of the qualification Technician in economic activities.During the internship the students from the Xth class will perform some of the practical activities specific to the module CDL entitled "Accounting and commercial communication" and students from the Xth class will conduct specific practical module VI called "hygiene, occupational safety and environmental protection" and some specific practical activities Module VII called "payment instrument" of practical training.The objectives are:O1. Developing at the students from Xth class the practical skills and key competencies such as "Teamwork", "evaluate their level of training to the demands of a job" and "take responsibility to the task received", essential condition for their future training.O2. Acquiring by the students from XI th class technical skills and specialized technical skills at European standards, such as "Apply the hygiene and safety," "Take actions to avoid the risks in hygiene and safety of work", "Apply measures for the environmental protection"and" Characterize the payment method " for a better integration in the working market.O3. Developing students' communication skills in English and ICT skills, in order to increase the adaptability of the working market in a continuous dynamic. O4. The development of personal skills of students of the employer, such as: reliability, effective communication and teamwork.O5. Expanding the students' cultural horizons by learning these European values and awareness of belonging to a united Europe.O6. Developing the European Dimension in our school education.O7. Developing a training tradition at European standards of quality .The partners involved in the project are:LDA SOUSA -ARMANDO Metallurgy and Mendanha & Sousa, S.A Construções, host organization from Barcelos, Portugal, together with the intermediary organization Associação Amigos da Intercultural Mobilidade from the same town- Emporiko Viomichaniko Epimelitrio Pafou kai (Paphos Chamber of Commerce), the host organization, together with RIVENSCO CONSULTING LTD, situated in Nicosia, Paphos in Cyprus workstation.Internships will take place in three streams, as follows:-flux 1 February 2017 XI th grade students will work to practice in the Paphos Chamber of Commerce-flux 2 - May 2017 and March flux - sept.2017, Xth graders, divided into 2 groups, will conduct practical activities in the accounting departments of organizations receiving Mendanha & Sousa, Armindo Sousa Construction SA and Metallurgical from Portugal.Expected outcomes of the project are:- Acquiring by the students from Xth grade of knowledge, practical skills and key competencies- Acquiring by the students from XI th grade of specific skills and practical abilities specific to the chosen profession,- Development of skills and English language proficiency forstudents ICT required for their future socio - professional integration.- Development of social skills and competences for students such as: communication, teamwork, problem solving, carrying out of the tasks.- the guide use of payment instruments and accounting documents used to undertakings.Photo -exhibition picture of the mobility and other project activities-Page Web project within the school website- The Articles Press and the county school inspectorate site about Erasmus + project which unfolds school.-The session of Scientific communication entitled "The importance of European projects in Romanian education quality growth", PowerPoint presentations -of the students, with the theme of the mobility experience that they had.



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