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Placement Opportunity Abroad
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our project POA ( Placement Opportunity Abroad) is in the direct line of our previous projects but also offfers new prospects in an ambitious European development plan of actions yet realistic because, it will be gradually carried out. In 2016, our HND students will also experience this European advendture. This project also follows the political, regional and academic ambitions.In this new phase of the project, we have two main lines : we would like to continue the work placements of students abroad but we also would like to develop mobilities for co-workers (training and teaching abroad) , it is also important for us to open on another country, Portugal.To carry out this new project, we would like to benefit from 18 mobilities equally divided in the two countries with three accompanying adults and three mobilities for some of our motivated colleagues ( two of them in Eastbourne and one will be in Portugal).Destinations and practical details will be finally set depending on the profile of the participants and the opportunities offered by the two recieving organisations.This project, in immersion, is double aimed : first we want our pupils to improve their oral English and to be more fluent (it will be evaluated in the different ooral exams in English : NBTEC, oral for the European section and the mobility exam) and then to developp skils like autonomy , open-mindedness, raise of theur awareness as European citizen). They could eventually improve their technical skills in a foreighn company.Regarding the staff, they will gained ben,efits, linguistically and professionnally speaking.We hope they will gain from this experience to put in perspective their own practise.The final goal of this project is also to reinforce the attractivity of our school and to



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