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Pilot Demonstration of Eleven 7MW-Class WEC at Estinnes in Belgium (7MW-WEC-BY-11)
Date du début: 1 août 2008, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2012 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This action focuses on demonstrating the development of a cost-effective large scale high capacity wind park using new state-of-the-art multi megawatt turbines coupled with innovative technology used to stabilize the grid. A key objective of the ‘7-MW-WEC-by-11’ project is to introduce a new power class of large-scale Wind Energy Converters, the 7MW WEC, onto the market which has the potential to significantly contribute to higher market penetration levels for wind electricity in Europe. The new 7MW WEC will be designed and demonstrated at a large scale: eleven such WECs will be demonstrated in a 77 MW wind park close to Estinnes (Belgium). The wind park will be the first large-scale on-shore wind park in Belgium and the first in the world that will consist of this ‘mega’ turbine power class. Key challenges related to wind power will be addressed in this demonstration action ranging from technical issues (network stability and security), to financial aspects (cost effectiveness) to environmental issues (landscape pollution). First, the ‘mega’ turbines will be developed and installed ‘in series’; this is envisioned to significantly reduce costs and increase the market value. Second, new power electronics technology and improved wind forecasting will be used to stabilise the grid in the high capacity wind park. “Improved forecasting” is envisioned to furthermore improve the cost-effectiveness of the high capacity wind park (reduced imbalance costs, improved commercial value). Third, the 7MW turbines will be used to maximize wind energy capacity, while reducing landscape pollution and environmental impact: such a WEC generates more than double the energy in the same given area when compared to conventional 2MW turbines and requires the placement of fewer turbines when compared to conventionally used wind turbines. “Lessons learned” in developing the high capacity Estinnes wind park will be adapted to a different national context with a weak grid system, Cyprus.



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