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Picture Perfect? Breaking dangerous stereotypes based on Gender and Sexuality
Date du début: 1 mai 2015, Date de fin: 31 mars 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Within the SCI & partners' network we do a lot of work on topics such as migration & borders, racism, human rights or sustainable lifestyles but until now we have run relatively few activities specifically related to Gender & Sexuality. Yet in daily life, women and sexually oriented persons outside of the heteronormative box are being continuously victimized by physical violence, oral abuse, stereotyping, discrimination and exclusion, whereby at the same time in public & political life such problems are being largely ignored. The images of different genders and sexualities which are portrayed & conveyed in these acts also influence the way war is fought and the aftermath of war, e.g. mass rapes and a rise in domestic violence. As a peace movement we therefore see the urgent need to work together more on this topic as the mentioned actions threaten a culture of peace and non-violence both in Europe and beyond. The main objective of this project is therefore for youth mulitpliers from ten different countries to exchange ideas and experiences on the main topics, analyse deeper the causes of the problems and their consequences and together initiate a series of practical awareness-raising & solidarity activities at national & local level to spread information, promote active citizenship, intercultural exchange & develop ideas for new medium and long-term innovative solidarity and awareness-raising voluntary activities among our network in this field. The project is perceived as an excellent opportunity for mobilising & empowering young people, delivering concrete support to victims of violence & exclusion, developing new impetus & scope for awareness-raising activities, such as practical support for local initiatives, street actions, workshops in schools and specfic international youth exchanges devoted to these issues. Following the opening seminar and all the varied interim activities, the whole project will culminate in an international "Trade Fair" to evaluate and assess the project's impact and then disseminate the results to inspire others to follow.



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