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Photo-Video Applied Skills
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our aim is to offer a solution to youth workers inside small NGOs to develop practical video and photographic skills by participating in one training course with two activities one in Reykjavik (Iceland) and the other in Navodari (Romania) between 20-28.02.2016, respectively 13-22.05.2016. This project includes 76 participants form 8 partner countries: Slovakia, Romania, Hungary, Latvia,Turkey, Macedonia and Germany, 16 of them facing geographic, social and economic barriers.These training courses aims to increase the capacities of our partner organizations to create visual content in their communication and marketing departments and raise visual awareness in their future projects. Least, but not last, we intend to create a guide from theory to practice- with methodologies and techniques, best practices of photography and video used by any youth worker without digital know-how that will be shared at European level until the end of the project.Activities:A1 includes theoretical background and hands on experience on video making, components of each stage, getting familiar with the video equipment, getting familiar with the script techniques and other narrative storylines, best strategies for finding characters and tools for the story, work visit in the community Reykjavik, Iceland, recording and editing the video using professional video programs, create and edit the first part of the guide on video-making. A2 includes making an analysis of the needs in the local community of Constanta, Romania through observation, interviews, theoretical background and hands on experience on the structure of the Photovoice project, photography terms and theory, tips on techniques, composition, how to use a camera, practicing by taking thematic pictures, selecting the ones that reflects best the community struggles, editing the pictures using professional photo editing programs, analyzing and interpret the content of the pictures, becoming familiar with copy-writing technique, discovering tools and channels to promote the project and prepare for the exhibition, communication techniques to influence decision makers, create materials for the communication campaign, organizing the exhibition in Constanta, editing the last part of the guide of photography.Both activities aim to create community positive impact through building communication campaigns by taking part in a participatory video and photography project. The methodology used focus on nonformal learning methods such as: community mapping, photovoice, living library, games, brainstorming, group work; After this project, participants will apply strategies and methods of creating visual content (video and photo) for their projects and develop strategies of including photo/video content in their communication projects campaigns for increasing visual awareness and impact. They will develop empathy, tolerance, responsibility and ability to understand community needs and difficulties. They will be able to produce positive change inside their own communities by developing new participatory projects inside their communities. By sharing the results of our projects at European level (the free guide with techniques and methodologies of video-making, photography, non-formal education methods), our project contributes to help other people to develop photo/video digital skills across Europe.



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