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Philosophy of the Web: From Hypertext Representations to Collective Intelligence (PHILOWEB)
Date du début: 1 août 2011, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2013 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

"In the wake of its technological success and the structural change the World Wide Web has effected on the world, Web designers and researchers are being forced to confront a range of foundational issues with clear philosophical dimensions. These include old philosophical issues in modern guises – issues concerning knowledge, identity and language – as well as new questions raised by the increasingly complex ways in which the Web is embedded in the larger world, as embodied in the Semantic Web and Internet of Things initiatives. In an world increasingly dominated by information technologies like the World Wide Web, our very nature as individuals is gradually changing as our cognitive and social capacities seem increasingly externalized. However, philosophers has only just begun to connect the information technology like the Web to both a French tradition of systematic philosophy that explores the historical origins of conceptual structures and the rigorously analytic Anglo-American approach that requires all claims to be grounded in logic and empirical evidence. By virtue of this fellowship, we hope to begin a wider project that in an innovative manner that binds both these philosophical traditions to a common empirical object of study: the World Wide Web. What is required is a strictly interdisciplinary approach that seeks to place the emerging work in information science on the Web within a larger framework that includes cognition and embodiment, and likewise have that framework be shaped by the latest scientific and technological development of the Web. This fellowship aims to facilitate and structure this goal by by having the work of renown French philosopher of technology Bernard Stiegler serve as the foundation for an analysis of the Web. The eventual goal of the project will be to produce a book-length foundational manuscript, tentatively entitled The Open World: A Philosophy of the Web. The fellowship will take place under Bernard Stiegler of lRI."