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Περιβαλλοντική εκπαίδευση και αειφόρος ανάπτυξη
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The title of our project is: 'Environmental Education and Sustainable Development' and belongs to the type of action 'Mobility adult education staff'.KPE Pertouliou Trikkeon aims to continue to provide environmental education programs for the coming years and to enrich themselves with new engagement direction as sustainable development with the help of organic agriculture. This experience will give us the tools to become more efficient in organizing seminars targeted at adults with environmental orientation combined with organic farming. Additionally, the participation of our organization in this project is to improve the quality of teaching and learning and their correlation with the needs of the local community, which is clearly based on the rural economy. This will put into practice the new knowledge gained through this European mobility program. Our aim is also cooperation between institutions designed to adult education at home and abroad and the exchange of innovative practices.The members involved in this application are:1. Papavassiliou Christos, director of KPE, teacher, M.Ed2. Kotroni Maria-Theresa, deputy head of the KPE, English teacher, M.Ed3. Koutsonis Evangelos, a member of the pedagogical team of KPE, agronomist, MSc4. Kokkalis Thomas, a member of the pedagogical team of KPE, Physicist, Radio, MScAll members of the Centre have extensive experience in organizing, coordinating and implementing seminars for both adults and teachers. Also, have made numerous presentations at seminars in other entities. The pre-existing experience of staff of the KPE on objects related to sustainable management of the environment and the experience gained with the implementation of seminars on agriculture, we think that will help staff who have chosen to cope better in all phases of the proposed activity, thus satisfying the best their needs.Description of activities:September-October 2015: Exchange of information (presentation of the work of our organization, a description of the selected staff needs covered by the course will follow, timely settlement details concerning the journey and the stay and corresponding information from the host). November 2015 - March 2016: Update cycle in both the academic field and in the language of two persons of the selected personnel (an agronomist and an English teacher). April 2016: Update completed, details of the successful voyage, final contact with the host institution.17- 23 April 2016 a visit and attend the seminar entitled "Agriculture - Biological path" total duration of 7 days. Participants after the mobility expected to gain more experience both in the subject and the quality of teaching and learning. This will result in the dissemination of these new knowledge combined with offering more qualitative teaching, teachers and schools to get involved with environmental projects on sustainable management of the school environment as well as adults who want to take care of organic farming (target groups).



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