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Date du début: 5 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

History is the miror of civilizations. When we observe the historical process, we see that human beings has always been in coflicts, different type of problems occured and uncountable people had been killed as a result of differencies. The superiority of people had caused many big wars occured, nations which came together on a common share had been seperated because of small conflicts and as a result of these events very big humanity tragedies had occured. The Humanity which consist of different nations, races, colours has benn seeing these differences as a rival and the result of these a world of prejudices, respectless humanity nations occured. After this long process, Humanity had burried many nations, races and civilizations into the darness of the history. The human being not only destroyed their own race but they also destroyed the world, environment they live in. And still the humanity hasnt realized this situation. Project Objectives: -To uprise an awareness of being together by bringing youngsters from different part of the Europe, enable them to meet and and have an understanding environment. - to strenghten respectness, tolerance and solidarity between different countries, cultures and nations. -to combine a common struggle platform against all kind of prejudices, discriminations and uprising brotherhood spirit among them. -Sytrengtening youths activie European citizenship is specific, and the responsible citizens as general priority. -to make an awareness of not only exploring Europe but also to built a better Europe. Methodology: We will use common educational techniques and especially we will use some innovative methods to achieve the project goals. We will follow up the participating oriented activites by experiencing themselves. It is aimed to use the dans as learning and developing new creative skills by learning modern dances. During the activities, workshops, ice-breakings, name games, cultural night nights, artistic creativity workshops will be used. The participants Profiles: we tried to involve the youngsters who hasnt involved in such activities but those are who interested in artistic activities, knows foreign language s. The project has aimed to uprise an awareness among participants in who accept themselves in an disadvantageous position but who wants to interact with other European peers and do a cultural learning. Because of economical ressession in the world many youths cannot travel and enwide their horizons . For the sake of the project, many young people will have the experience of travelling abroad and meet different cultures. With the activities youngsters will develope a positive attidute of democracy, self esteem and confidence, tolerance and break their prejudices. The participants in the project are mostly the ones from disadvantegous groups. The participants who never been abroad till now, with this project they will catch a big advantage.They will meet new people, make international friendships, learn new dances/folklores, traditions custom and cultures. This learning process will crate a very big change in their view of life and inside their hearth&souls. Expected Results: The participants will have an international project experience when we take in account that many people will come from different countries. The participants will know eachother during the project activities. The economical crisis in the world has been restricted the youths to involve in social life. Our project support youth policies to give them opprtunities to explore learn the LLP understandings. To cooperate with project partners we will develop youths active cizenship and entrepreneurship mood. The youths will combine a cultural mosaic like rainbow by meeting from different countries people. The activites will be performed volutarily , an open respectful debate environment will be provided for them and via this activities they will have a better understanding , tolerance, respectness to other people nations cultures and religions/ they will combine a strong European citizenship via this. The project will due for 7 months and The activities will take part between 20/04/2015-27/04/2015 for seven days including the travel days. France, Italy, Lithuania and Turkey will participate in this project to achive the project goals. Totally 43 participants will get benefit in Nev?ehir.



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