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Perfect Match - Tools for High Quality Mobility Experiences (PM)
Date de fin: 18 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Definition of terminology: trainee = student, trainee or apprentice intermediary organisation = any organisation that works between the sending organisation and the hosting SME in the target country (VET schools, chambers, “professional” intermediary organisations) The main objectives of the project were:To contribute to the quality and quantity of transnational mobility, concentrating mainly on hosting trainees in enterprises, by developing concrete tools for intermediary organisations. The tools are applicable for all sectors. The purpose of those tools is:- to encourage SMEs to host trainees from abroad- to help match the right trainee with the right SME = Perfect Match- to encourage VET schools etc. to become intermediary organisations- to improve the co-operation between all parties The other main aim of the project was to raise awareness of the benefits of mobility in Europe.The reasons for developing these tools were the challenges for mobility experienced all around Europe: the difficulties in finding and motivating hosting SMEs that match the needs of the trainee; the SMEs getting discouraged by not receiving trainees with suitable skills. The role of the intermediary organisations in making these perfect matches is vital, but they need the Perfect Match tools for quality assurance. To increase mobility, schools, chambers etc. need these tools to work as an intermediary organisation.The long-term impacts of Perfect Matches are important:- more SMEs and more schools will be involved in mobility as hosting/intermediary organisations- the quality of mobility improves due to the perfect matches, which eases the implementation of ECVET - permanent co-operation structures are established between European VET schools for organising reciprocal placements, and between VET and SMEs - the quality of co-operation between all actors improves- attitudes towards mobility become more positive and a positive snowball-effect will be produced increasing mobility- with the Perfect Matches, the mutual sharing of skills in Europe will produce more skilled employees, more competitive SMEs, improved VET; all this will improve the competitiveness of Europe



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