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Pedagogu profesionālo kompetenču stiprināšana - pirmsskolas izglītības iestādes ilgtspējīgai izaugsmei
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project background of project and objectives for Priekulu pirmsskolas izglitibas iestade " Mezmalina " qualitative development in the period from 2014 - 2020 , the planned activities that allow the preschool to create a potential for added value and contribute to the program " ET 2020 " overall objectives. In the coming years we are planing to improve teachers and school leaders professional competence , learning new teaching methods and to improve foreign language competence , learning ICT , will be collected and distributed to the most successful European experience in the outdoor education and pedagogy. Priekulu pirmsskolas izglitibas iestade " Mezmalina " teachers are actively involved in various educational projects, Latvian and abroad. Environmental education and outdoor pedagogy - these are the main areas of interest for our preschool teachers, so it is important to learn more and more new methods , practical ideas , games through nature. During the period from 01.06.2015. - 01.06.2016 we were planed staff training for 3 person ( head teacher, vice head teacher and preschool teacher ) mobility for training purposes , to encourage teachers and school leaders ' professional competence by participating in professional development activities abroad . Improving language skills (English) employees to allow teachers to participate fully in international and transnational projects promoting cooperation for innovation , good practice exchange. Foreign language teaching methods were used to create an eTwinning project and preschool children in English language training. Improving staff methodological knowledge and skills built a better understanding and assisted in improving the quality of preschool . Outdoor pedagogy . Contributed improving the quality of educational institution - learn new training methods and techniques . Seminars were organized - practical training local - county , republican level. Preschool intend to use professional development courses for making contacts with other European schools for job shadowing in Scandinavia and Europe, with the aim to learn outdoor pedagogical experience from colleagues in nursery schools . In future we are planing to attend courses in ICT and English , and outdoor pedagogy. Experience and methods will be collected and published in learning material. Teachers' participation in professional development courses and job shadowing abroad will give opportunity for preschool modernization , internationalization and sustainable growth.