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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The goal of the project is to enhance technology-based learning process with meaningful use of ICT and improved methodology, encourage teachers to acquire competences for lifelong learning (languages and IT skills) and provide global education. It is essential to promote learning of English and apply its knowledge doing international projects and organizing learning process in a different, more creative way in order to increase students’ motivation. It is important for our school to provide the opportunity for teachers to get better understanding of the European dimension in education, gain knowledge about other European countries and their educational systems, as well as expand the range of teaching methods to support ICT based teaching. 5 teachers from Kandava Secondary Boarding School (Kandavas internatvidusskola) are going to be involved in the mobility project: a head teacher, 2 teachers of English, a teacher of Russian and a History teacher. One of the English teachers is going to attend courses in Malta on the use of ICT in the learning process and projects, another English teacher will focus on advanced study of Irish culture in Ireland, the head teacher and History teacher are going to increase their knowledge about educational systems in Iceland and Spain; a teacher of Russian is going to attend English language courses in Ireland. In the project involved teachers will be offered greater professional development opportunities, because they will be educated abroad in collaboration with other European teachers, which means that they will be given a chance to discuss common problems and practice English at the same time, learn about other cultures. The project will introduce European dimension into school life and define the needs of professional development, it improves the quality of teaching, introduces new methods and encourages teachers to use ICT in a meaningful way in lessons and projects. Staff mobility project will be an excellent example of how useful and prestigious foreign language skills are because they give the opportunity for professional development abroad in a multicultural environment and thus gain an excellent experience. Contacts established during project activities and courses will encourage teachers to engage in other international projects. Our teachers will be more knowledgeable and will have a greater sense of belonging to Europe. The knowledge gained will be used in lessons; we are going to organize workshops for our colleagues, start eTwinning projects and engage in Erasmus + strategic partnerships.