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PeaceWorks volunteers in Sweden 2014/2015
Date du début: 17 juin 2014, Date de fin: 16 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project "PeaceWorks volunteers in Sweden 2014/2015" was organized in a context where we need to work actively against the racist and xenophobic norms and movements in Europe. The overall objective of the project is to promote intercultural and non-formal learning amongst young people, and the societies, of Europe, and make them become more aware and active citizens. In this project, eight young volunteers from Germany, France, the Czech republic, Estonia, Serbia, Spain and Hungary participated during up to 12 months at three different hosting organizations in Sweden. Four volunteers were placed in the project Staffansgården Camphill in Delsbo, a community center for mentally disabled adults, where they provided support to the different workshops (weaving, wood work, farming etc.). Two volunteers were located at Kontrapunkt, an activist-run social center and cultural house in Malmö, where the volunteers helped out in different activities and projects, such as the "folkkök" (free food) events and concerts etc. Two volunteers were at Mullsjö folk high school, an adult and non-formal education school, where they supported different activities, such as the running of the fair trade shop and different social/cultural events of the school/boarding school. The volunteers received support from their mentors, as well as from PeaceWorks, who was in touch with the projects, to give advice and coordinate the different phases of the project. The expected impact of this project were, for instance; to strengthen the intercultural learning and norm-critical awareness of the participants; to inspire and engage the volunteers and others for an active citizenship and involvement in European/international issues; and to contribute to the social projects and activities of the projects, as well as the local contexts. On a long-term basis, we expected that this project would be one of many steps in order to create a European society which will consist of aware young people and local communities, who appreciate cultural diversity and work actively together for a better society.



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