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Peace Education in Youth Work – Competence Development for Peace Educators
Date du début: 1 nov. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

On the background of a variety of societal and ethnic conflicts as well as social tensions in Europe, the project is based on the assumption that peace education is not only a form of education that is needed in so called conflict areas but a necessary form of education in all communities to ensure human rights protection, nonviolence and participation as fundamental principles of societal life. The urgency for peace education – in our understanding defined as a holistic, multidisciplinary and transformative process to develop competences in nonviolent conflict transformation, respect for human rights and active participation – in the youth field will be better understand with a short look at a few examples of existing conflicts in Europe which affect the life of many young people now and in the future: Against this background, the project aims to strengthen capacities of youth organisations in realising peace education programmes for young people on local, national and European levels in order to develop the capacities of young people in contributing to nonviolent conflict transformation. Non-formal peace education is an excellent instrument for empowering young people to become active stakeholders of peaceful change processes that allow for the needed constructive transformation of the existing conflicts in and among our communities. Thus, the following objectives have been created to address those learning needs in view to the overall aim of the project: - To develop competences of youth workers and youth educators in designing, delivering and evaluating peace education programmes for young people, especially those affected by societal and ethnic conflicts - To development of educational activities for peace education programmes with young people, especially those affected by societal and ethnic conflicts - To create international partnerships among youth organisations and youth educators on peace education in the youth field The methods that will be used in the training courses will be taken from European training manuals such as Compass, Domino, Have Your Say, or the T-Kit series, while others will be those the selected trainers developed or use from other resources. All methods are based on the principles of non-formal education, are highly participatory and inclusive and rely on the active participation of the participants to make the educational experiences a success. While the direct impact of the educational programmes is directed on the participants` competence development as youth workers and youth educators, the project also aims to create an impact beyond the participants. Thus, the participants and their organisations will be empowered to multiply the project`s approach to peace education in the youth field among organisations with whom they cooperate on local and national level inspiring them to try out new educational exercises on peace education, and new approaches to peace education in general as part of inclusive youth work. The project “Peace Education in Youth Work – Competence Development for Peace Educators” involves a total of 24 participants from Ukraine, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Estonia, Hungary, Italy and Germany. It is targeted at youth workers and youth educators. The project will take place in Misaktsieli, Georgia, from 16th of April to 24th of April 2016.



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