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Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth - Sustainable Partnership Meeting
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 1 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EN The youth mobility (Contact Making Activity) Peace Bag for EuroMed Youth: Sustainable Partnership Meeting, to be held in Vilanova i la Geltrú (Barcelona) from September 26 to October 4, 2014, will bring together representatives/coordinators of 14 youth organisations from 7 program countries and 6 neighboring partner MEDA countries (Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Morocco, Israel/ Palestine, Bulgaria, Romania, Netherlands, Turkey, Cyprus, Spain and the UK) all interested in building a partnership at regional level to address 3 main issues: peace education, conflict transformation and intercultural learning. The expected results of the project are 1) to evaluate the Peace Bag Project ( 2009-2013); 2) strategic planning and action planning of the network; 3) creation of a formal network between organizations committed to be part of a global 2-year project, with clear division of responsibilities and tasks; 4) the development/drafting of network projects and activities; 5) creation of a new edition of the online toolkit; and 6) the preparation of a strategic partnership application (Action 2) to present in 2015 to the Erasmus+ programme. The strategic partnership we are planning for 2015 will promote interregional and cross-border structured cooperation in the field of peace education, and aims to achieve two specific results - the introduction of peace education through non-formal learning in secondary schools in all partner countries, and improve the commitment of local authorities to the qualitative development of education. The strategic partnership will unite three specific areas - formal education (schools and educational institutions), non-formal education (youth NGOs) and policy makers (local authorities). The overall project will promote peace education at the institutional, educational and community level in the Euro Mediterranean region .



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