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PC LAW (Police Commissioners: Leadership Aspires Wisdom)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Police leaders are expected to provide vision, shape national perspective into European, communicate effectively towards internal and external forces. Senior officers must be both hard-headed business managers and professional politicians, while inspiring and motivating ranks, who themselves are facing enormous upheaval. Above all, leadership is more accountable and under more scrutiny than ever before. Strengthening police leadership was the subject of a working group during the 2013 European Police Chiefs’ Convention. Having in mind the current situation and according to the initiative of European Police Chiefs', project partners decided to contribute to the creation of clear, strong and innovative training system for police commissioners in Europe. The aim of the project ,,Police Commissioners: Leadership Aspires Wisdom (PC LAW)” – relevant and high-quality improvement of police commissioners’ professional strategic, leadership and management skills. Objectives: 1) to create the assessment methodology of police commissioners’ competencies “Assessment Centre”; 2) to organise pilot identifying of the needs for improving police commissioners’ professional skills; 3) to develop the modules of training programme and the methodical material; 4) to carry out pilot trainings for police commissioners. Results: 1) created the assessment methodology of police commissioners’ competencies “Assessment Centre”; 2) identifying the needs for improving police commissioners’ competencies; 3) designed the 15 modules of training programme and methodical material; 4) organised pilot training for police commissioners. Target group of the project is police commissioners, who are heads of Lithuanian, Latvian and Belgian police institutions and departments and fall under the needs to identify and improve existing or acquire new professional skills and knowledge for everyday work. This project should impact on skills and knowledge of approximately 500 police commissioners in project partners’ countries. The created methodology ,,Assessment Centre” will be applied for 90 police commissioners and 45 of them will be trained directly during the project. The methodology and training programme with methodical material will be used by the Lithuanian, Latvian and Belgian police training institutions for identifying training needs of police commissioners and their training. The methodology and the training programme developed during this project could lay the ground for creating common requirements for competencies and skills of EU police commissioners as well as could be adopted by other EU countries for police commissioners training.


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