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Date du début: 22 août 2016, Date de fin: 21 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project is the result of the analysis of the needs detected during the self-assessment process and the redaction of the European Development Plan. The objectives are improving the core competencies of the students, enhancing innovative teaching methods and ICT-supported techniques, increasing the number of CLIL projects, expanding contacts with teachers of schools of our same vocational area and with other European partners for possible future collaborations, and testing new practices for inclusion and integration. To achieve these goals we believe in the importance of training teachers in a European dimension, through participation in training courses and the possibility of observation of best practices in other European schools. The project involves eleven teachers of several subjects with adequate language skills and with a strong interest in a European dimension in education. The activities scheduled during the project are structured courses in Germany, Finland, Great Britain and France and an activity of job shadowing in a VET school in Sweden; such activities have been selected matching the needs identified in our school. During the course of the project participants will be prepared with formal meetings at school, exchanges of emails and materials with suppliers of courses and the Swedish partner; the participants will use the eTwinning platform in order to benefit from current experiences and possibly establishing contacts with teachers and /or schools that follow a similar path. Upon project completion, the expected results are improvements in the following areas:1. performance of learning in basic skills;2. learning outcomes in foreign languages and in the legal and economic disciplines in the groups of the students of participating teachers;3. teaching methodology;4. ability of participants to disseminate and promote further initiatives at European level;5. understanding and response of participants to the management of cultural diversity, and special educational needs;7. profile and reputation of the school at the local, national and European level.The project will have an impact on the teachers involved in the activities, on their students, on all the colleagues of the school and the managerial staff. The impacts will be assessed at two different times and on different areas, short-term (end of school year) and medium term (after the publication of the INVALSI results).The potential long-term benefits relate to the organization of collaborative projects and partnerships with European schools, mobility activities for the vocational training of students in Europe, and proposal of innovative projects to recover sociocultural disadvantages through strengthening professional skills in European workplaces.



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