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Pathways to leadership
Date du début: 1 déc. 2009,

The main purposes of this project are to provide opportunities for existing leaders to develop international leadership skills and experiences to meet their needs and the needs of their youth association at national," regional and world level and to promote the participation of young women in civil society. By achieving these purposes the project will address the active role of women in society, youth contribution to the achievement of the MDGs and will strengthen civil society, active citizenship and democracy. The priorities we will focus on are the participation of young people, and in particular young women, cultural diversity and the mobilisation and awareness-raising of young people vis-à-vis global issues.The project will be delivered through a series of activities that will involve young people in the preparation and implementation of all phases'. After a preparation meeting at the very beginning, the project will continue through the development of national leadership actions in which youngsters will focus on their leadership skills as well as on female leadership In their association and country. Once they will have assessed the results of these actions, participants will network and exchange ideas on their national actions as well as identify the next steps to be taken in their Pathway to Leadership. The needs identified by the participants will then be addressed during a high profile training course that will take place in Mexico in October 2010. During the event participants will learn about female leadership and gender equality and the impact that women can have at different levels of society. After the project participants will work together in small groups in order to develop actions dedicated to the development of leadership in their associations and communities and start advocacy projects dedicated to MDG 3.The main venue of the project will be Cuernavaca, Mexico where participants from 19 European countries ■ and 18-Latin American and Caribbean countries will meet and work together for the improvement of their leadership skills.By the end of the project the Europe Region WAGGGS and the partner organisations will have trained 39 existing leaders and fostered their national capacity in the field of youth empowerment and development; exchanged practices and information on leadership in different countries and regions of the World and, in particular, analysed female leadership from a youth perspective; supported young women in becoming leaders and assuming decision making positions; applied WAGGGS leadership development principles in different member organisations and assessed how international non formal leadership programmes can be improved and multiplied; fostered the Euro - American - Caribbean cooperation in the field of youth leadership development as well as promoted intercultural dialogue and global issues.The project results and outputs will be disseminated through WAGGGS communication materials and tools (website, social networking pages, etc) as well as during all the Centenary Celebration events that will take place from April 2010 and for 3 years (including the 34th WAGGGS World Conference, the European and Western Hemisphere Regional Conference). Centenary events will have media coverage and the project as well as the Youth in Action programme will benefit of this media visibility. Finally WAGGGS will produce a video and distribute to participating organisations for national dissemination, to external partners and donors and to the wider public through internet.


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