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Pastelería Creativa I
Date du début: 2 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Creative Pastry I 2015-2017" project will allow students and staff of the IES Francisco de Salamanca mobilities companies from other countries (11 weeks for students and two weeks for staff) to learn and showcase new products and techniques of creative pastries, related Intermediate Training Course on "Bakery, Confectionery and Confectionery ". With these mobilities participants (students and staff) draw learn Spanish products and other products in each country, typical of each European region. These mobilities allow personal, professional, linguistic, social and cultural development of the participants. The project will be developed by the Department of Food Industries, with support from the management team of IES Salinas Francisco de Salamanca (sending partner) and in collaboration with our European partners (both host partners as intermediaries partners). The mobilities will take place between September 2015 and September 2017, so the project will last 24 months. Some of the important needs of this department are to learn and disseminate the products of creative pastry both current and old, new and innovative, etc that improve the sector level and must be taught and learned in all European regions. Participants in the project are the European ambassadors to facilitate this task learning and outreach. Premium quality, regional, authentic and high nutritional value for the result to be obtaining products of original and authentic pastry materials will be used. The main objectives of this project are: -Improve Creative pastry products through human and professional exchanges, thanks to the mobility of participants. -Give Importance to the products of creative pastry each place, region or country and use high quality raw materials. -Internacionalizar Creative pastry products of each region in Europe. -Increase The quality of exchanges through social, cultural and professional participants with different partner relationships. Learning to life over specific aspects of creative pastry. The outcome of the project will be reflected in learning different techniques of creative products and pastry and collected in a cookbook in print and on CD (with recipes, process development and product photos). Testimonies of participants and their mobility experiences by different companies and European schools will also be collected. Mobilities will be 16 students and 7 staff in the two-year project to 6 different countries: Finland, France, Portugal, Poland, Croatia and Hungary.



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