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Partnerstvo v odbornom vzdelávaní
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The partnership was created to link the public and private sectors aimed at promoting regional development. The engineering industry has been and remains a core industry in the regions and therefore it is important to "supply" the employers with qualified staff. Nevertheless, this is only possible by intensive cooperation of companies and schools, and in particular by increasing of amount of practical training directly in companies. As a model the German dual system of vocational education can serve, where students are prepared directly in companies. We would like to achieve the following objectives by realization of the project: - to modernize the vocational education in partner schools through connecting of the school and practice - to increase the interest in technical professions - to exchange the experience and develop possible proposals to reform of the education - to acquire new skills and knowledge from the country, where the dual system is implemented - to involve more the key employers in the vocational education and persuade them that coordinated education can bring more benefits - to enhance the cooperation between the partnership created by organizations that are responsible for vocational education and training, whit the main aim to connect the education with the requirements of practice - to strengthen the role of partnership between schools, companies and social partners by possible influencing of the network of vocational education The target group of the project are teaching staff and students of secondary vocational schools, directories of engineering companies in the regions (especially employees involved in the vocational training) and the representatives of the regional government, industry and professional associations involved in vocational education. The partnership consists of organizations from three EU countries. On the one hand, it is Germany with functioning dual system of education, on the other hand, Slovakia and Czech Republic are countries with ambitions to introduce dual system. The main outputs of the project are the analysis and studies of labor market needs, school and employers readiness for the dual education, also the analysis of finishing of education and credits transfer. The project produces three intellectual outputs - modules training for engineering departments, proposals of network for regional cooperation and model of career guidance training.



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