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Partnership and Participation for a Sustainable Tomorrow

The Comenius network "Partnership and Participation for a Sustainable Tomorrow",SUPPORT, has been established in order to address the need to enhance the quality ofeducational practices and material in line with the challenges of sustainabledevelopment (SD). The overall objective is to promote education for sustainabledevelopment (ESD) in European schools. The project will bring concepts and issues ofSD into the education system by linking schools, research institutions and communitiesin a web-based network. Learning opportunities will be provided that stimulate andempower individuals to acquire relevant experiences, knowledge, skills, values andunderstanding and to reflect critically on their role in creating a sustainable tomorrow. Inso doing the project will contribute to lifelong learning for an active and responsiblecitizenry. SUPPORT will generate and spread knowledge about how ESD can beeffectively supported through cooperation with actors outside the school using ICT. Theproject is expected to enhance the status of schools through greater involvement in thelocal community and participation in democratic processes.Specific objectives of SUPPORT are to increase participation in science studies bymaking these more attractive, reduce the gender imbalance in science education andpromote entrepreneurship by supporting a school culture of innovation andresponsibility. Interaction and cooperation among key stakeholders and best practiceexchange will be facilitated by thematic conferences, workshops, a Comenius mobilityseminar, Comenius school partnership contact seminars, Arion visits, and a web-basedcampaign on schools' ecological footprints. The activities will be managed andcoordinated through annual steering group and partner meetings. Outcomes ofSUPPORT will include trans-national comparative studies, guidelines for collaborationbetween schools, research institutions and the local community, annual reports on thestate of innovation in education for sustainable development (ESD), reports on networkactivities, development of new teaching material and pedagogical approaches,development of the existing educational website (, quality criteriafor use of ICT in ESD and a website for the SUPPORT network. Activities will bemonitored and evaluated based on indicators. Network results will be distributed topartner organisations, participants and national educational systems.



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