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Partnerschaft Unterfranken - Calvados
Date du début: 1 août 2015, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Since 1998 the twinning service of the district of Lower Franconia in Würzburg has been hosting every year one volunteer (for 12 months) within the twinning of Lower Franconia-Calvados . The volunteer comes from the twinned department Calvados. He/She has got basic knowledge in German (important for an active participation). The volunteer functions as cultural ambassador of our twinned region and France and as “French expert” and “youth expert” for our German-French projects. She/he is the direct contact person for young people and supports us in boosting the youth exchange between German and French young people. She/He takes part in projects for young people that we organize in cooperation with the villages/towns twinned with France, the federation of youth associations of Lower Franconia (Bezirksjugendring Unterfranken) and the agent of youth music of Lower Franconia. She/He helps to oversee the trainings-network between Lower-Franconia and Calvados. She/He is culture mediator during different activities (for example: international youth meetings, German-French youth film contest, German-French music exchanges, exhibitions, conferences, contests for children who are learning French at the play school or at the primary school). With our activity, we want people of all ages to increase their cherishing and positive appreciation of the other cultures. As “a real French woman/man”, the volunteer can help to strike stereotypes. She/He is a real-life example for the exchanges that take place within the twinning of Lower Franconia-Calvados but also for Europe and for the mobility of young European people. She/He can also function as a great example when she/he encourages young people to be mobile and to take actively part in European projects.



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