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Partir...Revenir...s'Enrichir Pour l'Avenir 6
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This is the sixth year the Lycée Louis Blériot, a vocational school specialized in training for the service industry (private companies, local authorities and private individuals), ran for a European mobility project. It is located in an urban environment in the Yvelines department, in a town called Trappes, a former railwaymen's town and has many working-class estates housing an under-privileged population.The school received the title « Site d'Excellence » in the government's Espoirs Banlieue plan due to the school's scholastic difficulties or difficulties resulting from the town's negative image, but also because of the school's results record which is more than honourable considering the personal situations of a lot of the students. 351 students receive professional training from a year 10 introductory training class to a vocational baccalauréat. A training period in Cyprus or England was proposed to 10 volunteer students from our 3 final year baccalauréat classes and to 4 volunteer teachers who achieved a jobshadowing in our partner school in Cyprus. Our students were preparing a vocational baccalauréat in Digital Electronic Systems, Industrial Maintenance or Electrotechnics. This project fulfills two parts of our school projects : “culture and a window on the world” and “develop links in our school community and to highlights the trainings” and participates into the aims of Europe 2020. Our students left with professional skills attained at previous training periods. They already had 16 weeks of on-the-job training. This experience was a guarantee of a successful integration into an English or Cypriote working environment and enabled the students to assess the similarities and differences to the French system and to acquire new working methods. This project marked the end of their on-the-job training. Working and living abroad reinforced their linguistic abilities and enriched their European cultural activities with the aim of positionning themselves on the European job market and gave them more autonomy. Our teachers were eager to acquire new skills as much as linguistic and professionals skills when they went and observed their Cypriot colleague’s. Our aims were as follows : Students' aims : On a professional level to acquire new skills and techniques to enrich their CV for the French or European job markets to improve their employability On a personal level to improve their use of English to gain in autonomy by living and working abroad to improve their knowledge of others Educational aims : to reinforce interdisciplinary work by criss-crossing different subjects to involve even more students to stimulate the class to mobilize the students around a new project The school's aims : to create a network of partners abroad to reinforce ties with the students' families to enhance the school's image to open the school up to the ouside world Our partners in Torquay and our school intermediary company in Cyprus had the job of finding lodgings and work places for the students (host families in England and appartment in Cyprus). They represented the school physically when the teachers weren't on the spot, they visited the trainees at their places of work and were in regular contact with us. A management team comprised of the head teacher, an English teacher, the school manager and the student supervisor managed the project and make sure everything went smoothly. They publicized the project both inside and outside the school, each one using its own professional network. At school our volunteer participants benefited from 2 hours extra language and cultural tuition per week and per year. This time was spent writing a cv and covering letter, strengthening their language skills and carrying out research on Cyprus and England, organizing an exhibition, introducing them to the Greek alphabet and learning polite phrases in Greek. We created a Facebook Page and kept it up to date. On their return a ceremony was organized to present the participants with their Europass certificates and enhance the status of their experience. They gave a “press conference” to the younger students to encourage them to undertake the same mobility in turn. The results expected from this experience were fulfilles: our students were satisfied and delighted with the training period ; they made other students want to live the same thing. The team of teachers would continue to expand, working together, and we would like to create a European Section in our school. In the long term we would like to break our school's bad image and show everyone that the school team is dynamic and innovative and those students who study there can succeed and become young European citizens.



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