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Participation of Refugees into Social Life
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Many people flee from their countries and refuging to other countries because of the problems such as civil war, economical problems and their sexual choices. These fugitive people face by many difficulties during the compulsory migration. Besides health,education, accomodation and safety problems they also face by the problems of cultural differences. These people's traditions and life styles are very different from the country's cultural values which they have refuged. Because of this, alot of problems are seen during the integration period.The other problem ;refugees face by is the prejudices of the refuged country's people.Our main objectives we have set in line with these issues are; -To specify and work on issues related to refugees and asylum-seekers in Project partner countries to help understand the settlement and integration processes and models of good practice. - To enlighten the public and to provide support with the purpose of better understanding of these issues and produce solutions to problems, by using media and communication instruments -To work in order to create awareness and sensitivity in society related to refugees and asylum seekers to improve cohesion in host communities - To examine countries practices around ending support for asylum seekers whose claims have been fully refused until they can either submit further evidence of their case, sign for voluntary return or be forcibly removed from the partner country. - To help the individuals to understand the traditions and the values of the society they live in and provide them an opportunity to present their own - To share among all the participants their national identity and historical, cultural and natural heritage promoting the knowledge of the regions of partner countries and of the refugees -To develop the skills of the participants: adults, learners to use ICT and convince them of the opportunities created by the use of new technologies We are 7 NGOs who constitute the base of the project going to study on these issues. Project coordinator USED(Turkey) has been working in the field of art education. USED provide support to refugees who want to study related to art in association by creating appropriate working environment. EDInet is a Scottish-based social enterprise providing expert advice in strategy development, strategic planning, consulting, recruitment, policy, funding, training and evaluation for organisations in the public, private and third sectors. SECURIO’s general context is to be determined as relations development between European organisations active in cultural, educative and R&D domains. Specifically SECURIO is also promoting the use of the Internet as a world wide communication tool, especially for Intercultural events within the European Community and hence in the European Union.DEMÀ works in several areas in adult education, particularly in the field of labour and social integration, training for trainers; development of active citizenship, pedagogical and methodological research, etc. Arte-Via Cooperative is organising events such as readers communities, international seminars, writing contests, art exhibitions and multimedia performances. PROMIDEA COOPERATIVA SOCIALE(Italy) is experted about social inclusion of immigrants and refugees and linguistic cultural mediation and interpreter for years. Also, there are lots of refugees in their region. Therefore, PROMIDEA COOPERATIVA SOCIALE will be responsible about language teaching to refugees with their methods. Intermezzo Ungdomsorganisasjon is experienced in cultural and social integration of people. They are also experienced for workshops. They will be responsible for planning against racism and prejudices. 100000 people are expected to participate in activities directly and indirectly;-project partners staff and volunteers. -learner groups. -people who participate in activities like workshops and seminars. -people who watched project public service ad film. -people who participate in exhibitions. -people who reach art book. -social media users. -people who particiapted in festivals.- people who participated in awareness actions. people who reads project news on local newspapers and internet. We are going to help the refugees as the learners by organizing activities such as art, culture and seminars to integrate them culture of the country which they have refuged. The local public will take part during our project period. We provide people to get info about refugees by organising conferences seminars and work shops to minimilize prejudices. We will work on our aims in the process of project. We are going to study through the aims that we have determined with our partner countries. Our purpose is spreading our project for long years by achieving awareness actions,dissemination activities and institutional, political,financial,sustainability works in Erasmus+ dimension.So that we are going to provide a long lasting project.



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