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Participate, Create and Learn
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will be developed by Centre Information Jeunes (Luxembourg) and Associação Juvenil de Peniche (Portugal) during 20 months. CIJ will send 6 participants to Peniche, Portugal to work with children and youngsters at the local community.Peniche is a city that has, within its area, 28.000 inhabitants and people live, essentially, from the tourism industry and fishery.The aims of our project are:- To gain and exercise competences in communication and organization skills, - To extend the social networks through ther participation in international volunteering projects, - To develop the sense of initiative and creativeness of the young participants,- Strengthen the sense of being European.The participants will develop their projects with children and youngsters, in the Free Time Activities Centre of AJP, or in partner institutions of AJP in Peniche, in which they can they develop activities through the non-formal education methodologies with the target group.We expect that the participants, partner organisations and local community can learn, grow and strengthen the sense of being European through the interaction between different generations and nations.We believe the results of this project will have long term benefits, not only to the participants, bearing in mind they will have improved their competences and enlarged their knowledge, but also to the local community, which will have benefited from the contact with foreign young people, by getting to know something about the reality of another country and culture and, last but not least, other young people, in the respective communities of the SO and the HO, may become interested in trying a similar experience in the future, through the observation and the report of what these 6 youngsters have lived by joining an EVS project.



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