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Date du début: 2 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 1 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project will take eight months in Calahorra, during this time we will host one volunteer. The volunteer´s profile is a young person with interests in youth policies, leisure and free time, art and culture.Main volunteer tasks: - Support PIO point (Point of Information and Guidance finding employment)colaborate with both computer teacher in workshops and actively seeking employment through Internet and new technologies.-Informing young people in the activities that we undertake. During public events, through the web and social networking updates. To do our work are the collection and transmission of information that might interest our youth in multiple formats.-Encouraging the active participation of young people in society through volunteering and membership associations.- Active participation in organizing activities of the Board and member associations, as short duraion workshops, discussion groups, trade associations.- Organize groups of cultural exchange and conversation in English and / or their native language (French). In addition to the educational work that we carry out among young people we must see the introduction of a European dimension in the values and culture that we wish to convey and to do workshops and information sessions in schools in the city.The volunteer will be always surrounded by our volunteers and there will be also a person (beside his mentor) who will acompany him along all the activities he will develop during his service.One of our principal aims is the impact that the volunteer will have between our young people helping and encouraging them to participate in this kind of projects, to have an European awareness and to know the similarities and differences they have with other countries´ youngsters. Beside helping them to find a job, the volunteer can be an example about Youth movility.For us the main benefit of this project is the volunteer´s presence as a European movility´s reference as well as an opening reference



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