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Partageons nos valeurs dans l'effort !
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project Partageons nos valeurs dans l'effort/Share our values in the Effort, aims at providing more attractive education in line with students’ needs and expectations concerning their future school success. Our common will is to fight against school failure by implementing innovative teaching strategies. All seven partner- institutions are situated either in small or peripheral towns or in disadvantaged neighborhoods and their students come from social-economic context rather low. The schools luck of means and the students’ families are often unable to deal with the school failure of their children or provide incentives for successful studies. All seven schools face the same needs and struggle for similar problems. The need to work together came from the common problem: the schools have low achievement results and students inclusion problems. All the schools were found in the E-Twinning platform. By combining Sport and Citizenship, two very unifying disciplines, we can strongly motivate our students with learning difficulties "in conventional education/formal education". One of the main aims of this project is to create modern, committed and professional staff in our schools. It can also provide new opportunities for all teachers who wish to work in interdisciplinary projects. At a time when physical and athletic performance is quite low, the project aims to mobilize the educational communities of the seven institutions on the physical and sport activities based on learning of citizenship and values that we share. It is in "effort” that we share our common European values, such as solidarity, rejection of discrimination and development of basic and transversal skills, aiming at a significant improvement of language skills and education in the institutions concerned. We have planned short-term joint staff trainings for project teachers and intramural in-service teacher trainings on recognition of students learning styles and intelligences. The project is innovative as we focus on the connection between formal and non-formal education. This partnership builds on both the "project teams" composed of staff and teachers, and students of the project which is about 20 to 50% of total students. These teams will have the responsibility to involve the widest possible setting, disseminating ideas, innovations, best practices and results to educational staff and other students. A closer look will be brought to dropout students and / or absentee and all staff will be trained on the new methods proposed by the project. The seven partners plan indeed a new way of teaching, through active and collaborative approach between trainers / instructors, trainers / learners and students / learners. This collaboration is based on the use of innovative ICT tools and TwinSpace as virtual mobility, and should enable the involvement of all actors in both interactive and constructive approaches. These tools will help working well with sport and citizenship, while improving the practice of mother tongue as well as the foreign languages. All educational activities of the project are based on three main domains: Antiquity, sport and citizenship thus an active citizenship at European level and a better living together through sports. These domains are the core of the project and seek to give meaning to the teaching provided to students. To achieve the goals and objectives of the project, we will make maximum use of the expertise of each partner, developing trainings that will impact both adults and children. A strong division of labor between the partners is also designed to optimize the implementation of the project, based on individual skills of each one. Mobility activities are largely based on the desire to train partners on innovative methods and to allow the exchange of extensive practical that are adaptable to all institutions involved. The teaching and learning approaches for students aim to educate them through sport for active citizenship at European level and fight all cultural barriers that prevent them from thinking, learning and working beyond their national borders. This project will let us implement new ideas and solutions such as the creation of different dissemination activities to enable the diffusion of results emphasizing on a scale of impact beyond the institutions, like other schools in the regions, or neighboring schools and communities that will bring positive and long-lasting effects in our schools. Trainings and seminars are thus provided to form regional educational stuff, while aiming on the educational and official authorities of each partner institutions. Our desire is to perpetuate these actions, trainings and tools to measure the real impact of the current project, up to several years after the end of the project. The web collaborative platforms and implementation results can be available, in Open Educational Resources, and should help to ensure the continuity of activities and results' project



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