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"Пари, талант, предприемачество"
Date du début: 1 mai 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Leading organization: "Development Centre of ideas and innovation - 08"Partner organizations: Tekkekoy Ilce Milli Egitim Mudurlugu - Turkey; Asociacija "Apkabink Europa" - Lithuania; Asociación Dianova España - Spain.Background of the problem: Youth unemployment is a problem that affects a growing number of young people. The education system does not always offer appropriate methods to build competitive youth prepared to enter the employment relationship; they often leave without major organizational and behavioral skills. Lack of promoting entrepreneurial thinking and creativity, often complicate the realization on the labor market. Creation of conditions for the development of a common business culture and opportunities for implementation of innovative ideas is key moment to building competitive youth.Objective: The project aims to increase the initiative and entrepreneurship among young people and to promote the education of the work as the primary moral value and one way to be useful to society.Period of performance: The project will implement mobility for 12 days (23.5.2016 - 03.6.2016) in Nova Zagora town. Profile of participants: The target group that will directly participate in the implementation of activities are 60 young people aged from 18 to 25 from Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania and Spain who are entering the labor market, and need training in entrepreneurship, business planning, capacity development, implementation and financing of innovative ideas.Expected impact:- Participants will gain key competencies in entrepreneurship, business management and communication in the work environment.- Raising awareness and educating young people in the basics of labor relations and generally accepted norms of behavior in the workplace.- Participants will acquire and improve interpersonal skills, self-presentation, presentation skills, work with information and analysis skills to formulate a grounded position and presentation of innovative ideas.- Formation of a new way of thinking and ways of turning ideas into action and knowledge of the possibilities for realization of their own business plan.- Stimulating the initiative and creativity of young people to start their own business, by provoking creativity and initiative of young people.The methods provided for the realization of these goals are entirely borrowed from informal educated and include presentations, simulation games, case studies, practical activities, discussions, informal communication, brainstorming.Long-term benefits:Thanks to plan for multiple objectives achieved and promotion of project benefits we can achieve maximum impact on the general public. Long-term benefits for young people directly involved in mobility are developing different skills that will build professionally and contribute to providing a positive effect on their position in the labor market.From the perspective of the organizations, the successful cooperation between the project partners in the field of youth unemployment and employment enables the exchange of best practices of organizations and their subsequent wider application of local and regional level. In addition to partner organizations efficient and qualitative implementation of the project will foster the accumulation of experience in the management and organization of future joint initiatives.



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