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"Para una Formación Europea sin Fronteras: Preimpresión Digital y Actividades Comerciales"
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Nowadays, it is necessary to have practical experience abroad which allows the increase of professional and linguistic competences of Spanish students and professionals, as well as the exchange of good practices between a range of countries of the European Union, thus contributing to improving the training quality and the possibilities to enter the national and international labour market. For that reason, IES Ángel Ganivet wants to submit an Erasmus+ KA102 project aimed at students and teachers of Vocational Training of this centre. The students will develop internships at companies for 10 weeks and the teachers will take part part in job-shadowing activities at a Vocational Training Centre for 1 week. The project will take place in Italy, in the city of Vasto. The school is planning to send 7 students of Initial Vocational Training (4 in Digital Prepress and 3 in Commercial Activities speciality) as well as 8 Vocational Training teachers of these vocational specialties. The main objective of the project is to provide the school with an international dimension, establishing a collaboration network at a European Level. Thus, the students can benefit from an experience abroad which will help them in their future personal and professional lives, multiplying their possibilities to get a quality job. Similarly, the school wants to promote the teachers’ training, allowing the introduction of good practices and fostering quality education. The project is divided in the following different stages (preparation, implementation, monitoring, evaluation and dissemination of the project). For the successful management, a Mobility Commission will be created, which will be composed by members of the managing team, tutors of the students, accounting staff and a teacher of the English department. Besides, IESAG benefits from the valuable cooperation of “Submeet”, an association with great experience in the management of European projects and which will help in the management of the students and teachers mobility in aspects such as accommodation or transport. The receiving organisations of students and teachers also have great experience in the field of the participants and cooperating in European projects. During the project preparation, the different agreements will be established among all the parties involved, including training agreements of the participants, and the tasks of each of the parties will be defined. The logistic aspects will also be organised, including the insurance, accommodation or transport. IES Ángel Ganivet will keep a continuous contact with all the partners of Italy by e-mail, telephone or videoconference. Regarding the participants, information sessions will be organised where all the aspects of the mobility will be explained and cultural and pedagogical training will be provided about the destination. The students will also carry out the linguistic test and the online course through the OLS platform. During the mobility of the participants and project implementation, the monitoring of the project will also take place. In the case of students, a tutor will be appointed in Spain and in the Italian company, who will carry out the monitoring of the participant, ensuring quality internships. The participant will also complete a report with the daily activities carried out. Regarding the activity for teachers, there will also be a continuous monitoring between IESAG, Submeet and the receiving organisation. The teachers will communicate with the school on a continuous basis. At the end of the training stay, both teachers and students will get certificates of the receiving organisations and the Mobility Europass certificate, accrediting the mobility experience. In the case of students, this experience is part of the curriculum and it will be recognised by the module “Training at the Workplace”. At the end of the stay and after the mobility period, the evaluation and dissemination stage will take place. At an individual level, all the participants will improve their professional and linguistic competences. This project will also give the students more possibilities to get a job through the enriching experience acquired abroad. Besides, it will motivate future students and teachers to take part in European programmes. Furthermore, the School will benefit from the improvement of the teachers’ competences in order to improve the quality of education and the image of the school, making its training programmes more attractive and training highly qualified professionals. This project will allow the school to establish new relationships with companies and organisations abroad, and therefore, it will acquire a European dimension.



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