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Pan European Vocational Training and Placements
Date du début: 1 juil. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Pan-European Vocational Training and Placements Programme is an integral part of City College Plymouth’s European Development Plan: a three year strategic plan to professionally develop our staff & enhance our learners’ employability prospects in the European labour market. Each carefully planned European activity directly meets our College’s Strategic Priorities to address labour market requirements, targeting skills gaps & developing enterprising, innovative training.This has produced a diverse programme of learning mobilities & partnership activities in vocational sectors with skills gaps & growth opportunities. It will be delivered with partners from sixteen countries representing the VET training sector & enterprises.Key Objectives:• to deliver targeted staff & learner mobilities in key vocational areas that are growth sectors and/or face skills shortages• to broaden staff understanding & competence of European practices & training, whilst meeting professional development needs• to enable learners to gain best practice & real-life work experience, raising their aspirations & improving their employment optionsActivities & participants:• 20 Professional Catering & Hospitality learners will take part in 5 month traineeships in hotels in Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Latvia, the Netherlands, Sweden & Hungary• 20 Creative Industries (Media) learners will gain hands-on experience developing educational materials & teacher resources for use in whale watching activities and in various multi-media outlets, honing their media-production work skills.• 30 Travel & Tourism, Sport and Public Services students will gain relevant work experience at Santa Village, Icehotel, Tourism Office Lapland, International Skiing event, Outdoor Wilderness expedition organizations, supporting international tourists during their visits to this thriving organisation• 10 Creative Industries (Performing Arts) learners will study Finnish performance skills & work practices during a two week mobility to a specialist VET school in Keskuspuisto• 5 learners with severe learning difficulties and disabilities will participate in shared vocational learning project with their counterparts in Keskuspuisto, Finland, whilst their accompanying staff compare teaching methodologies & tools, goal matching & quality standards• 6 Engineering learners will study a project based learning activity and undertake shared vocational learning during a two week mobility programme at a leading College in Lithuania• 24 tutors, trainers & Heads of Vocational Departments will accompany or visit learners on their mobilities to build their key competences & enhance their curricula with EU practices & values• 21 tutors, trainers, Heads of Departments and European Partnerships team members will take part in staff training activities in Lithuania, Spain, Germany, Finland and Iceland to support their professional development & their understanding of practices, policies & employment opportunities in targeted vocational sectorsWe expect the project to have the following results & impacts:• More employable & better skilled learners, who return from their mobilities enthused, motivated to continue into further training &/or work, & in some cases, with European contacts for future employment opportunities.• Staff integrating new practices & competences into their daily work, fostering innovation in their teaching & improving the quality of our training & learning provision. • A higher profile, both within the College & within external communications, showing the benefits & results of our European activities through a wider range of channels & social media, which should make a clear positive contribution towards attracting new participants in future activities.In the longer term, we hope that all of the above will contribute to a broader understanding of & commitment to European project activities within our College demonstrated through an enhanced inter-cultural awareness & openness to new opportunities.



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